Dr. Frederickson line and premium ammunition

As part of the 100 year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition presents monthly online content celebrating Federal’s rich history. The month of November showcased the Premium Ammunition product line and the company’s honorary historian, Doc Fred. Content can be found on the 100 year anniversary website: A Century Of Authority (federalpremium.com).

The life and history of the Federal company historian is documented in the article “Federal’s Doc Fred”. Dr. David Frederickson MD or known as “Doc Fred” was never a paid employee of Federal Ammunition, but since the late 1960’s he was a collector of Federal Ammunition packaging and won exhibit prizes at ammunition collector shows .

“Without Doc, many parts of Federal’s history would be lost to time,” said Jason Nash, Federal Mmunition’s vice president of marketing. “Doc was an extremely passionate collector of federal ammunition and developed relationships with company executives and employees. Thanks to his collection we have been able to better document any previous product packaging. Coming generations can still enjoy their collections in the museums and in the federal factory buildings.”

The “Federal Premium Product Line” article follows the journey of Federal Ammunition providing hunters and shooters with the best rifle ammunition. Federal combines the finest casings, primers, bullets, plated shot, and the cleanest burning gunpowder to produce the premium line of ammunition. From the 22 LR to buckshot cartridges to the 500 Nitro Express, the Federal Premium line of ammunition covers a wide range of uses.

“Hunters and shooters have trusted the Federal Premium line of products since the 1970s,” Nash said. “Hunters and shooters need the best tools possible to help them out in the field, and Federal Premium loads fit that need.”

Each month through the end of 2022, Federal Ammunition will upload additional content focusing on the rich history of this American ammunition company. In addition to monthly online content, Federal Ammunition has released a 244-page book that preserves the company’s history. Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years can be found online at: Buy Federal The First 100 Years for $39.99 | Federal Ammunition (federalpremium.com).

For more information on all of Federal’s online products and services or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.