Downlite Outdoor announces the expansion of its state-of-the-art Canadian facility

Business continues to exceed all expectations

Downlite Outdoor, a division of Downlite, a market leader in down and feather processing and a provider of responsibly sourced performance fills to the outdoor, home furnishings and hospitality markets, expands its new facility in Mississauga, Canada, to meet the growing demand.

With Downlite’s rapid growth in the Canadian outdoor market, the new facility has exceeded expectations for our Canadian business. Business growth has exceeded plan by 15%. Due to the new proximity to North American businesses, Downlite has added new customers and substantially increased existing ones. Due to these factors, the new facility has been expanded by 50%.

“We are delighted with the growth,” said Joe Crawford, CEO of Downlite. Unsurprisingly, we were able to meet all of our customers’ expectations when we built this new, state-of-the-art facility. Little did we know we would be expanding so soon. The expansion will allow us to continue to grow and, more importantly, continue to provide our customers with premium quality products, whenever they need it.”

The new facility opened in June 2021, with the goal of fast processing and delivery to Downlite’s Canadian customers. Downlite’s facility features state-of-the-art European equipment, maximizing cleanliness and performance in down production. The expansion helps provide fresher material and shorter lead times, while increasing processing and distribution capabilities for the North American market both at home and abroad.

“Adding this expansion not only helps us continue to provide the best product to all of our customers, but also puts us in a position to offer more employment opportunities for all levels within the facility. It’s definitely an exciting time for us at Downlite.” stated Hailey Werthaiser Parnes, Vice President of Business Development.

Downlite has pioneered groundbreaking innovations in performance technologies and has become a leader in traceability and transparency across its global supply chain and now in circularity and reverse logistics.

About Downlite

Downlite has a rich history of sourcing feathers and down, with origins stretching back over 100 years in Europe. Downlite is the largest US supplier of bedding to the home and hospitality industries (Macy’s, Costco, Marriott International, W Hotels). Downlite is also one of the largest suppliers of bulk feathers and down to clothing and sleeping bag manufacturers in the outdoor industry. As a leader in responsible sourcing, Downlite is proud to have received the first RDS Scope Certificate. In addition, Downlite was offered the world’s first TDS-certified supply chain, from both Europe and the US Downlite has four manufacturing sites in the US and one manufacturing site in Canada; sourcing teams based in China, Europe and the US Downlite is bluesign certified and a proud member of the American Feather & Down Council. outdoor downlite

Current Downlite customers include Banana Republic, Canada Goose, Cascade Designs, Columbia Sportswear, Enlightened Equipment, Forloh, Feathered Friends, Haglöfs, Hammock Gear, Lululemon, Mackage, Marmot, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren, REI, and The North Face.