Dog The Bounty Hunter Says ‘Little Hitler… That Freak’ Stole Election – Deadline

At the “Opening the Skies” evangelical Christian conference over the weekend, peripatetic reality star Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, whose most recent show was canceled before it aired due to new allegations of racist comments and homophobes, gave attendees his political assessment of the 2020 election, as well as a raucous prediction for the November midterms.

The conference bills itself as a “multi-day event demonstrating to attendees the prophetic heart of God and the manifestation of his supernatural power.”

Supposedly in that spirit, Chapman said he asked God, “Why did you let that monster steal the election?”

He said he got his answer from the parable of Jesus healing a blind man to manifest the power of God. Chapman then linked the biblical story to the 2020 election and the midterm elections.

“Yes, he stole [sic.] him — little Hitler — because now we are going to show you the manifestation of God.”

After a costume change, the Fox News frequent guest appeared on stage again to flesh out his prophecy.

“Wait until November,” he told the audience, “the Republicans are going to kill you.”

Current polls indicate otherwise.

Chapman then repeated the repeatedly refuted idea that the polls had been filled in the 2020 election. The reality star followed up with an unchristian thought about the man he called “little Hitler.”

“Hitler committed suicide. And do you know why? Because they caught him. And you know what’s going to happen? They are going to catch these cheaters. And I’m not saying with my tongue or my mouth that he’s going to kill himself, but you never know.”

This is not the first time Chapman has used or been accused of using extreme language to characterize those he disapproves of. Beyond the conflict over his most recent show and his daughter Bonnie’s accusations last year that he used epithets, the bounty hunter was suspended for months from his popular A&E show in 2012 after a tape of a private phone conversation with his friend surfaced. son where he used the N-word repeatedly. Last year, Chapman explained his logic and mindset to entertainment tonight.

“I have never been a racist,” the reality TV star said, citing her own Native American heritage. She then went into details.

“I thought I had a pass at the black tribe to use [the N-word]kind of like Eminem,” Chapman said.

“He had just gotten out of prison in 1979 after spending 18 months in Texas and was probably three-quarters of the black tribe. So that was a word that we used back and forth as maybe a compliment.”

He continued: “My pass expired from using it, but no one told me. Saying a racist name does not qualify to make you racist.”

When Eastern Time host Kevin Fazier, who is black, responded that using the word is in fact a racist act, Chapman replied, “I have more black friends than Eminem.”

That defense, of course, has been exposed by the New York Times and many others as “shorthand for weak denials of bigotry” and/or “coverage of racist statements or actions.”