DNR Previews Hunting Season | Hunt

WISCONSIN (WQOW) – Hunting season is just a few weeks away and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has made some changes since last year.

For example, the squirrel hunt, which last year ran from September 18 to the end of January, will now go from September 17 to February 28. This end date lines up with other small game hunting. The white-tailed rabbit hunt was open until February 28 last year, and will end on that date again in 2023.

The hunting of waterfowl in open water also has a new regulation this year. As long as hunters are within 500 feet of shore, they can hunt in the open waters of the Great Lakes, Green Bay, and Big Green Lake.

As for deer hunting, the 2022 archery and crossbow deer seasons will take place from September 17 to January 8. The season will end in the metropolitan subunits on January 31.

The 2022 deer season schedule is as follows:

• Gun Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities: October 1-9

• Youth Deer Hunt: October 8-9

• Gun Deer Hunt: November 19-27

• Muzzleloaders: from November 28 to December 28. 7

• Statewide Antlerless Hunt: December 8-11

• Holiday hunting in the agricultural land area: from December 24 to January 1. 1, 2023

Click here to view the 2022 Wisconsin Hunting Regulations brochure.

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