Consumer trends to inform your marketing strategy

When it comes to emerging technology, many consumers tend to be hesitant to try new things, and that includes what many consider to be the future of boating: electric boats. After all, hunters and fishermen have relied on gas-powered boats for decades; So why change? To help dealers learn how to market boats featuring this new innovation, boat Line, an online marketplace for buying and selling boats, is sharing survey responses on electric boats with Hunting Life. This data can help dealers identify current electric boat trends and relevant sales tips.

Boatline’s Top 5 Tips for Selling Electric Boats

1.Be aware of consumer interests and trends

When consumers in a survey were asked if they were considering an electric boat for their next purchase, 39% reported that they were looking exclusively for an electric boat. Another 33% said they had no preference and therefore were looking for both gasoline and electric boats. Meanwhile, 27% of buyers said they were looking exclusively for a gasoline-powered boat.

Participants were then asked if they wanted ever consider buying an electric boat. The majority of respondents (60%) reported that they would consider purchasing an electric boat immediately or in the near future, while 8% said they would never consider purchasing an electric boat, demonstrating some consumer uncertainty.

When new technology enters a market that hasn’t been disturbed for a long time, consumers will form opinions that can be difficult to change, which is why having an informed dealer strategy is so important. In addition to these national Boatline trends, be sure to ask about interest in electric boats among your own consumers, so you can better assess the local market potential for your specific dealership.

2. Identify the most persuasive strategies

Consumers were then asked what they would change their minds if they hesitated to buy. The results showed that 43% believed that the most persuasive messages would be testimonials from current electric boat owners and 42% believed that informative articles would be the most persuasive. Other respondents said it would be helpful to have more models to choose from (37%), while 36% said informative videos and 34% said seeing more people with electric boats would make a difference in their decision.

When thinking about sales strategies, dealers should consider creating marketing materials that highlight consumer testimonials or even posting articles and videos on their website that provide more information about electric boats.

3. Strengthen Benefits

There are many benefits to electric boats that dealers should build on in their sales messages and strategies, whether through conversations at the dealership or through informational materials on their website. Of those surveyed, the most appealing features of electric boats were quiet motors (54%), saving fuel money (47%), and producing fewer emissions (46%)/having a lower environmental impact (45%) ).

4. Educate your consumers

It is just as important to address consumer concerns as it is to highlight the benefits of electric boats. You can overcome concerns and inconveniences by educating buyers. The survey results showed several obstacles, including the main concern, the charging time of the motor (49%), as well as the weight of the electric batteries (38%), the lack of infrastructure (35%) and the initial price higher (34%). Change the conversation by reinforcing long-term benefits, such as battery savings against rising fuel prices, as well as those mentioned above.

5. Create effective listings

When it comes time to drive sales, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why it is important to create quality online listings. It must be clear what you are selling, whether it is gasoline, hybrid or electric. Taking high-quality photos and videos of the unit, setting a competitive market price, ensuring listing descriptions are complete and accurate, providing up-to-date contact information, and staying on top of potential customers are all ways that dealerships can ensure that we are creating effective listings and generating quality leads.

As seen in the survey, electric boats are an exciting new product for customers, presenting a great opportunity for dealers to drive sales. For more information on consumer trends and how to market your new electrical inventory, check out Boatline’s latest white paper: