Commissioners to consider changes to wild turkey seasons for 2023

The Nebraska Parks and Game Commission will consider recommendations for the 2023 wild turkey hunting seasons at its Aug. 31 meeting at Fort Robinson State Park.

The meeting begins at 8 am Mountain Time at the park’s Buffalo Barracks, 3200 US 20, Crawford.

Proposed changes to orders for the 2023 turkey season are:

  • Limit Nebraska resident hunters to two spring permits and non-residents to one;
  • Limit the number of spring permits available to non-residents to 10,000;
  • Amend the daily harvest limit to allow a hunter to harvest no more than one turkey per calendar day during the spring season;
  • Shorten the fall season from October 1 to November 1. 30;
  • Limit all hunters to one permit in the fall season;
  • Reduce the bag limit to one for all hunters in the fall season;

Commissioners will also consider recommendations for a bighorn sheep hunting season in 2023. The orders recommend authorizing one lottery permit and one auction permit. The season would be from November 28 to December 28. 22

Additionally, commissioners will draw the winner of the 2022 Bighorn Sheep Lottery Permit.

Commissioners will also consider recommendations for:

  • approve hunting permits in some state parks and state historic parks for the 2022 seasons;
  • approve budget requests for fiscal years 2024 and 2025; Y
  • approve the donation of the Fort Kearny Shooting Sports property, consisting of land and equipment in Buffalo County, by the Fort Kearny Shooting Sports Association.

You can find a full meeting agenda at Proposed changes to Commission regulations and orders can be viewed at