CMP Hosts GSMM Air Rifle and Air Pistol Meetups in Ohio and Alabama in September

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) kept busy on Saturday, September 17, 2022, as it hosted three special events between its facilities in Camp Perry, Ohio, and Anniston, Alabama.

The first was a Garand, Springfield, Vintage and Modern Military (GSMM) rifle match at the Camp Perry outdoor electronic target line on the Petrarca Range. The event was open to adults and youth, reaching almost 50 entries throughout the day.

Jeffrey Beierke, 58, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a score of 265-5X, led the Garand Match by only x count. Doug Staaf, 65, of Wattsburg, Pennsylvania, claimed victory in the Springfield Match at 263-3X, while Dean Davenport, 37, of Scio, NY, topped the Vintage Military field at 264-2X. Zachary Coffey, 31, of Manchester, Michigan, led the Modern Military event by more than 10 points at 289-5X. Find a full list of GSMM Match results at

Monthly airgun matches include 3×20 airguns and international-style airguns and BB guns for adults and youth.

Also held on the same day was the latest round of CMP monthly matches, which were shot at every indoor airgun shooting location in Ohio and Alabama. The event featured three position air rifle and ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation) air rifle and air pistol competitions for adult and junior athletes.

SP4 Sagen Maddalena led the ISSF Rifle event in Alabama.

In Anniston, SP4 Olympians Sagen Maddalena, 29, and SSG Sandra Uptagrafft, 51, earned victories in the ISSF Air Rifle and Air Pistol events, respectfully. At Camp Perry, the 3×20 athletes put on impressive battles in the precision and sports categories, each winner determined by decimal scores. Riley Dunn, 16, took the overall spot in accuracy and cruised to victory 0.6 points ahead of 17-year-old Katrina Demerle. In sporter, 15-year-old Brianna Benedetto edged out 16-year-old Santiago Camacho by just 0.4 points to win first place.

SSG Sandra Uptagrafft was the overall athlete at the ISSF Pistol match in Anniston.

Other major competitors in the September monthly Air Gun Matches included:


The Ohio Rifle Final Medal Winners.

ISSF Rifle (Adult and Junior):

  1. Katrina Demerle, 17, Hamilton, OH – 626.0
  2. Claudia Muzik, 16, Green Springs, OH – 622.3
  3. Emme Walrath, 16, Kenosha, WI – 621.2
The Ohio Pistol Final Medal Winners.

ISSF Pistol:

  1. Katelyn Abeln, 21, Douglasville, GA – 573-14X
  2. (TOP JUNIOR) Johnathan Dorsten, 19, Bryan, OH – 571-19X
  3. Anthony Lutz, 34, East, OH – 569-10X
Medal winners for the 3×20 Precision Rifle event plus final.

3×20 sniper rifle (plus final):

  1. Riley Dunn, 16, Washington, Pennsylvania – 696.9-44X
  2. Katrina Demerle, 17, Hamilton, OH – 696.3-45X
  3. Emme Walrath, 16, Kenosha, WI – 695-42X
Zion Benton’s juniors swept the 3×20 Sporter Rifle event plus the final.

Sporter 3×20 rifle (plus final):

  1. Brianna Benedetto, 15, Beach Park, IL – 616.8-17X
  2. Santiago Camacho, 16, Zion, IL – 616.4-10X
  3. Brayden Rich, 15, Winthrop Harbor, IL – 615.4-20X


ISSF rifle:

  1. SP4 Sagen Maddalena, 29, US Army Marksmanship Unit – 636.0
  2. Sergeant Brandon Muske, 28, Fort Benning, GA – 625.5
  3. (TOP JUNIOR) Emily Buck, 17, Alabaster, AL – 611.6

ISSF Pistol:

  1. SSG Sandra Uptagrafft, 51, Phenix City, AL – 560
  2. Stephanie Fryer, 38, Colorado Springs, CO – 558
  3. Martha Hall, 31, Colorado Springs, CO – 544

3×20 sniper rifle (plus final):

  1. Emily Buck, 17, Alabaster, AL – 687.5
  2. Grayson Ellis, 16, Anniston, AL – 686.3
  3. Madelyn Lee, 18, Dawsonville, GA – 682.0

Sporter 3×20 rifle (plus final):

  1. Bethany Shirley, 15, Monroe, GA – 629.7
  2. Joshua Shirley, 18, Monroe, GA – 604.8
  3. Marley Bowden, 14, Harpersville, AL – 515.8

There are only two more monthly Air Gun Match events left for the 2022 season! The last monthly games of the year will take place on October 15 and November 19, in both Ohio and Alabama. Learn more by visiting

A complete list of September monthly match results can be found on the CMP competition tracking page at (Camp Perry) and /2022SeptMMAlabamaResults (Anniston). Photos from the event can be downloaded for free from CMP’s Zenfolio page at

CMP ranks are open to the public!

The CMP South Competence Center (Anniston) and the Gary Anderson CMP Competence Center (Camp Perry) host open marksmanship nights every week, where people of all ages are welcome to try their hand at the airgun. Camps are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 8 am EST at Camp Perry and 4 pm to 7 pm CST at Anniston. Guests can also visit the shooting ranges by appointment Monday through Thursday. Learn more at

Also, Camp Perry’s outdoor Petrarch Range is open every Monday from 9 am to 5 pm EST through mid-November. Learn more about the range, including a list of approved firearms, at

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