Climate, food and temperature are key to good mushroom growth

Lucky to have seen it, this morel (lip balm for size reference) just appeared on earth the day after consecutive 80-degree days in Wayne County on April 25.  Outdoor correspondent Art Holden will be monitoring the morel, hoping it reaches maturity before the squirrels or deer arrive.

I remember in my early days as a sportswriter at The Daily Record, in the late 1970s, every spring someone would arrive at the newspaper’s front desk with a handful of morels, hoping to be the first of the year to find them. delicacy. We would send photographer Mike Schenk to the main office to take a picture of the man and his mushroom and get his picture published in the newspaper.

The mushroom hunter wanted to be recognized for his skill and determination, but other than “out there,” or “in Holmes County” or “under an apple tree,” there wasn’t much else he was willing to divulge.

And in the last four decades, times haven’t changed much.

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