C&H Precision Launches New Mounting Plates for Holosun EPS and EPS Carry

C&H Precision Weapons releases two new mounts for the latest Holosun releases. The Holosun EPS and EPS Carry are lightweight and feature-packed with red dots, perfect for scope or concealed carry. C&H has made mounting easy with custom plates specifically for these new optics.

Mounting a pistol optic not only helps improve the usability of a pistol, but allows the user to choose great newly designed optics on the pistol of their choice. These optics increase the user’s ability to hit a target, aim safely, and offer a higher rate of controlled fire. Adapter plates are currently available for full-size and compact Glock MOS, Springfield Hellcat with RMSc footprint, and Staccato Duo with possible future expansion.

Holosun and C&H Precision are excited about this joint effort to produce the best, most affordable and widely used mounting plates for the new EPS and EPS Carry. For more information, visit: https://chpws.com/red-dot/holosun-eps-eps-carry/

C&H Precision Weapons (CHPWS) is a small family owned and operated business serving the shooting community from our store located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. We specialize in handcrafted precision rifles, custom 1911s, pistol slide upgrades, and the design and manufacture of special projects within the firearms industry. All work is done in-house by real gun builders, real engineers and professional shooters.

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