Celebrate International Bat Night on Saturday, August 27

Want to celebrate our fabulous nocturnal flying animal, the bat, but don’t want to wait until Halloween? You’re in luck because August 27 is International Bat Night. Before the celebrations begin, let’s learn about bats and what makes them so special.

Bats and birds are the only two groups of warm-blooded animals capable of flight. There are some animals like flying squirrels or sugar gliders that seem to fly but can only glide from one tree to another. They cannot fly like bats and birds.

A large brown bat perched on a vine near a cave.

Despite the shared ability to fly, bats and birds are different. Bats are warm-blooded, have fur, and give birth to live young instead of laying eggs. These qualities place bats in the category of mammals; humans are also in this group. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Birds, on the other hand, are so unique with their feathers and ability to lay eggs that they are classified in a group of their own.