Burris Optics To Attend NRA 2023 – Booth #4255

Greeley, Colorado – Burris announces that the company will display its 2023 line at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Visitors can try out new hunting scopes, binoculars, telescopes, and laser rangefinders, and experience all of their high-quality products firsthand at Booth #4255 in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 14-16, 2023.

The highlight of this year’s NRA Show is the new Veracity PH scope. The most capable hunting optic ever produced by Burris, the Veracity PH 4-20x50mm features features that redefine what is possible in a scope. Loaded with features like the new PĒK (programmable elevation knob) system, superior optical clarity, an integrated Heads Up Display (HUD) and Bluetooth® connectivity for uploading custom ballistic data from the new BurrisConnect mobile app, the Veracity PH takes hunter confidence and performance to the highest level and sets a new standard. for reliable point-of-target/point-of-impact performance at extended distances.

These features are based on years of research and development to “do the math” for the shooter and deliver precise shot placement easily and efficiently. This complex-to-simple performance is centered around Veracity PH’s PĒK (pronounced “peak”) system and a robust yet easy-to-assess head-up display that shows exact marked distance, wind hold, rifle tilt, and range. battery level. Coupled with user-configurable and uploadable ballistic data via Bluetooth connectivity via the BurrisConnect app, hunters can be sure to aim accurately in any field condition. A digital position sensor in the scope’s clickless elevation turret achieves 1/10 MOA equivalent adjustability for near-exact range in yards or meters—precision unparalleled in today’s conventional scope technology. Additional ¼ MOA laser markings on the elevation turret provide redundancy for peace of mind on any hunt, allowing the shooter to manually mark the distance and complete the shot no matter what the circumstances. Simply reach the target with a rangefinder, mark the distance in yards or meters displayed on the scope HUD, and fire. With its easy-to-use operation, intuitive data presentation, and ability to work with custom ballistic profiles, the new Burris Veracity PH 4-20x50mm can maximize every hunter’s potential for success in the field.

NRA members and show guests will also want to try out the new Signature LRF 10×42 range-finding binoculars. Redefining fast, accurate ranging, the built-in rangefinder on the Signature LRF 10×42 binoculars offers everything you need to measure range in any environment and provide essential data for ballistic management. Capable of delivering ultra-fast results ranging up to 2,600 yards with little to no color distortion, the Signature LRF 10×42 presents information on an easy-to-interpret heads-up display. The data points presented include five range options: line of sight (LOS) only, horizontal distance (HOR) only, LOS and HOR, LOS and angle (ANG) above and below horizontal, and HOR and ANG. This information allows long-distance shooters to ensure that their range and trajectory compensation will put projectiles on target. In fact, the Signature LRF 10×42 is accurate to within 1 yard at less than 1,000 yards and ±2 yards at ranges over 1,000 yards. Housed in a rugged, shockproof chassis with anti-slip rubber armor, the 10x42mm optical assembly provides the kind of optimal color fidelity, high resolution, low glare performance demanded by the most discerning hunters.

Earlier this year, Burris introduced the Signature LRF 2000 handheld rangefinder, which will also be available. With ultra-fast results to 2400 yards and designed for archery and firearms applications, the Signature LRF 2000 brings proven Burris quality and innovation to the compact portable rangefinder platform. With its sophisticated software and laser rangefinder system, users can customize operation and data feedback to achieve pinpoint ranging accuracy in any environmental environment.

With a range capability of 2,400 yards/2,194 meters, the Signature LRF 2000 is accurate to within 1 yard at less than 1,000 yards and ±2 yards at ranges greater than 1,000 yards. In addition to the rubber armored exterior for optimal protection and exceptional grip, the Signature LRF 2000 has a sealed nitrogen-filled chassis for waterproof and fogproof performance. The adjustable eyepiece ensures sharp focus of the screen with its adjustment range of +/-6 diopters. And with 7x magnification, measuring those “far away” targets has never been more accurate.

For more information on Burris products, visit booth #4255 at the NRA 2023 show or visit BurrisOptics.com.

About Burris

The Burris Company, founded in 1971 and headquartered in Greeley, CO, offers a complete line of premium optical products, including riflescopes and scopes for hunting; competition and application of the law; pistol scopes, binoculars, telescopes, mounts and accessories. To learn more about the complete line of Burris products, visit BurrisOptics.com or Facebook.com/BurrisOptics.