Bass Fishing – A Great Way To Enjoy The Outdoors

As Realtree Land Pro, we are constantly writing about hunting methods and techniques. Today, I wanted to change things and write a little about my passion, lubine fishing. Although I love to hunt deer and especially waterfowl, there is something that trips up my trigger when it comes to bass fishing. It may be that I was a low professional guide in one of the largest low trophy lakes in the country, Lake Fork in Texas, and I have sailed more than 500 fish more than eight pounds. Whatever the reason why it is really one of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors.

As an old guide, they always ask me which is the best bait to catch the low trophy. Well, that is a great question and one that could have several different answers depending on who you ask. My favorite large personnel fishing bait is a template and a beer worm. There are several types of Craw worms in the market and we can discuss them at another time.

The jig and crab in my mind is the main big bass bait. In general, a template will not catch a lot of fish, but typically the fish will be larger than other baits. The majority of the low trophy, the bass of more than 10 pounds are not the most aggressive and, therefore, it is not likely to spend energy to pursue a rapid movement bait. The template is a large profile bait that moves slowly and displaces a good dal of water. The template represents a river crab that is one of the best foods for the bass.

The jig and craw is a bait that can fish deep and in all types of cover, including vegetation, wood, spades and more. The template can go through the toughest cover and get to where the trophy’s low ones are located. You have to go where large fish must catch great fish and many times, which means choosing the most unpleasant place where most fishermen will not go.

My favorite template is a 3/8 ounce template in any color whenever it is black and blue. I use a 3/8 ounce jig for a slower drop. I also believe in trying to match the color of the river crab during that particular time of the year. If I am fishing heavy vegetation, I will climb to an ounce template to penetrate the vegetation.

There are several ways to fish out a jig, but my preferred method is a large amount of the rod tip so the skirt spreads out. Fish is slow and low? The most difficult part to fish a template is to learn what the bite is and when to put the hook. I used to tell customers that when you feel as if you were pulling the hook! Be sure to watch your line, sometimes a fish picks it up and start swimming. I fish medium heavy to sensitive heavy graphite rod and use a spool with at least a 6:1 ratio. Prefer us at least 15lb test in mono or fluorocarbon or 40lb braid.

I hope this little information helps him gain confidence in one of the best low low bait that has been designed. I always have one tied and it is my confidence bait. With some practice, I think it will be yours too. Good luck and tight lines!

About the author John Wilhite

John Wilhite is a Realtree United Country Land Pro, Broker Associate, Auzeoner, and has the experience that will help him find or sell hunting properties in the east of Oklahoma. In addition to being a Realtree Land Pro, John is also a member of Aqha, Nrha and Ducks Unlimited. He is a dedicated sportsman who enjoys hunting and fishing with his sons, whether it be fishing in local tournaments or hunting waterfowl and deer.

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