Bajío sunglasses win ICAST award “Best category of glasses”

Performance Eyewear Company Takes Home Coveted “Best Eyewear” Award at the Largest Fishing Trade Show

Bajío, manufacturer of high-performance, sustainably-made, blue-light filtering sunglasses designed to save the world’s estuaries and saltwater flats, is pleased to announce that its new Roca sunglasses have won the award. ICAST Best Eyewear of 2022. This is the first time that Bajío has taken home the award in its category.

“Last year we launched our brand at ICAST to show the world what we had been working on. This year we won the Best of Eyewear category,” said Al Perkinson, founder of Bajío Sunglasses. “We are a small team, we are an independent company and we have much more on the way. To everyone who helped us on our journey, thank you.”

Roca sunglasses are a durable pair of performance shades made especially for anglers’ eyes to cut through the glare and see more fish. Constructed of durable bio-based nylon, this modern oversized frame protects your eyes with full coverage and ventilated side shields, reducing glare from water and general light intrusion without fogging.

These sunglasses are designed for sight fishing as it requires a laser focus at the slightest indication. They provide the cover and visibility for that split-second opportunity when an angler needs to set the hook or mourn the one that got away. With so much at stake, an angler needs sunglasses that provide every advantage available. The name Roca (rock in Spanish), is named for the productive Roca Flat near Campeche, Mexico, which is one of many stops on the brand’s around-the-world environmental project called the Bajío Odyssey.

Roca de Bajío sunglasses are now available online at or you can find a retailer near you at Carbon neutral from the ground up, Bajío sunglasses are made with sustainability at the forefront and complement flag days on the flats and beyond. To learn more about all of Bajío’s lens options, visit

About the Bajio:

Spanish for “the shallows,” Bajío, an independent, employee-owned company, strives to improve the quality of life for the world’s saltwater plains and estuaries, the ecosystems they support, and the communities that depend on them . Bajío sunglasses are hand-assembled in New Smyrna Beach, FL, made with sustainability at the forefront, using plant-based materials in their frames and high-quality patented lenses created to filter out the bad and enhance the good. Follow us at and on Facebook and Instagram at @Bajíosunglasses for the latest news and updates on their missions to save the ocean, one floor at a time.