ARGO electrifies outdoor and power sports enthusiasts

ARGO, manufacturer of ATVs, SxSs, UTVs and the world leader in Amphibious Extreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs), launches the 100% electric Atlas EV Amphibious XTV.

The Atlas EV stands out not only as a fully amphibious go-anywhere vehicle, but is also a testament to ARGO’s advancements within the field of electrification. The newly launched Atlas EV XTV offers a 28kWh battery pack that powers a single electric drive motor as well as an independent steering motor, while the ARGO Admiral E-steer™ transmission incorporates steer-by-wire technology for seamless maneuvering and progressive. The Atlas EV demonstrates the vast knowledge and understanding that ARGO has amassed in electrification and driving technology for over a decade, being a key player in the electric and autonomous driving Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) markets.

The Atlas EV features ergonomic updates with an adjustable split front seat and contoured seats. Sleek cosmetic refinements to the headlights and internally recessed winch retain all functions and make this Sky Silver Metallic 8×8 an eye-catching and highly capable machine. The Atlas EV also comes standard with vehicle location technology, intelligent terrain mapping and on-demand vehicle health reports. a full 12-inch touch screen equipped with

Preview a few weeks ago at 55the Annual SnoBarons HayDays in North Branch, MN, ARGO recently held an exclusive introductory event for a select group of powersports veterans in attendance, providing an opportunity to jump in and feel the instant acceleration of the go-anywhere product. presented. Statements like: “This is the most powerful, easy to operate, maneuverable and competent Argo XTV ever produced” and “ARGO has another winner with the Atlas EV 8×8” are just a few of the responses we heard.

Brad Darling, President and CEO of ARGO states, “When ARGO started making electric UGVs over a decade ago, we knew the demand for people-in-one was coming in the near future, so we developed our UGVs to easily accommodate that demand. need. maintaining all the functionality that has proven successful in the autonomous driving markets.”

Continuing to differentiate itself from industry competitors, ARGO once again shows what Know No Boundaries means. ARGO’s reservation program for the Atlas EV opens today, September 28the and customers can claim their production space at

About ARGO ARGO has been the world leader in Amphibious Extreme Terrain Vehicles (XTV) since 1967. ARGO markets its XTV, ATV, SXS and UTV products through a network of independent dealers located throughout the United States and Canada and through dealers representing distributors in Europe, South America. , Middle East, Asia and other international markets.