American Tactical, Inc. introduces the new line of Black Creek rifles!

(Summerville, SC) – American Tactical, a leading firearms manufacturer, has announced the introduction of two new bolt-action rifles from Black Creek Labs: the MRX Bronco and the TRX Bronco Hunter. The TRX Bronco Hunter is an accurate utility rifle designed for carry and backcountry hunting, while the MRX Bronco is ideal for ranged, varmint, and small game hunting. Both rifles are part of Black Creek’s newest line of Bronco bolt action rifles and are now available for purchase with an MSRP of $1499 for the TRX Bronco Hunter and $1199 for the MRX Bronco.

The TRX Bronco Hunter is an innovative rifle that is specifically designed for backcountry hunting. It features a two-piece Bronco adaptable chassis system with a 10-inch front end made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The rifle also features a folding stock that captures the bolt handle when folded, making it compact, safe, and easy to transport. The TRX Bronco Hunter is fed from high-capacity AR10/SR25 magazines, eliminating the need for additional magazines or loose ammunition. Additionally, the stock of the FSS can be made to lock the safety in the “safe” position, rendering it unable to fire when the stock is folded.

The TRX Bronco Hunter uses the Black Creek TRX short action, which can be chambered in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. It is guaranteed to fire 1 MOA with suggested commercial ammunition and is equipped with a TriggerTech REM700 field trigger, making it one of the smoothest shooting rifles available in its class.
The MRX Bronco, on the other hand, is a versatile and compact rifle that is ideal for range shooting and small game hunting. It features a 16.5-inch medium-weight barrel and an M-LOK-compatible fore-end. The rifle is fed from AR15 magazines and can be chambered in 300BLK, 7.62×39, or 5.56. The MRX Bronco is equipped with a TriggerTech REM700 field trigger and is guaranteed to fire 1.2 MOA with suggested commercial ammunition. Stock PDS (Personal Defense System) for easy range adjustment.

“We are excited to bring the Black Creek Labs TRX Bronco Hunter and MRX Bronco to market,” said Tony DiChario, president of American Tactical. “These rifles offer accuracy and versatility that are unmatched in their class, making them perfect for a variety of applications. With their innovative design and top-of-the-line features, we are confident that the TRX Bronco Hunter and MRX Bronco will be a hit with shooters and hunters alike.”

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