Alabama Pastor and Hunter Unveils First in a New Series of Hunting Books for Children

The Hunt Club Children’s Book Series features wholesome, family-friendly books for kids who love hunting and outdoor adventures.

Alabama author, pastor, and avid outdoorsman Dr. Jimmy Tidmore is launching his new book, “Dollar Birthday,” which combines the true story of his son’s first dollar with a fun, fictional element that adds a bit of excitement while teaching the kids some valuable life lessons.

The first in The Hunt Club Kids’ series of children’s books, “birthday buck” is a wholesome and heartwarming story about a boy named Jet and his journey to his first buck, a journey that teaches him many timeless truths about life. An exciting adventure with several unexpected twists and turns, this book is ideal for any child who loves the outdoors. This family-friendly book will have kids excitedly turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Tidmore is a husband, father, and pastor serving a small church in Huntsville, Alabama. He and his son, Jet, enjoy outdoor adventures together that serve as the basis and inspiration for The Hunt Club Kids series.

“The first book in the series is based on my son, Jet, killing his first deer, a fine eight-pointed buck, on his eighth birthday,” says Tidmore. “The book takes the reader from Jet’s first hunt with me, to getting his own rifle from him for Christmas, then learning how to shoot, then killing a deer with him on his eighth birthday.”

Tidmore says that intertwined with the real story is a fictional story about a nemesis at the school. Jet’s interaction with that nemesis teaches him and the young readers some life lessons, such as the importance of telling the truth, valuing friendships, assuming the best in others, and the importance of seeking the experience and not the foal.

“That’s why, on the cover of the book, it says, ‘Some parts of this story are true. Other parts are just a really good story. Don’t worry about which is which. Just enjoy it,’” says Tidmore.

The next three books in the series will focus on the three fictional characters introduced in “Buck’s Birthday.”

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