XS Sights Introduces Inline Rear Sight Pusher Tools For Glock Pistols

XS® Sights is pleased to introduce two online rear sight tools for Glock.® pistols: DIY Series™ and GUNSMITH Series™. Both are quick and easy to use, reducing installation force by up to 50%.

The unique open design of these tools allows for easy visual alignment and viewing of the installation process, while the locking wedge feature makes it quick and easy to secure the slide. The tools feature a non-marring brass bit to prevent scratching and a built-in centering scale for precision windage adjustments. The compact, lightweight size of these peephole pushers makes them ideal for the kitchen or a workbench. Both tools work with all Glock generations and models and, unlike other Glock scope pusher tools on the market, can be used with suppressor height sights and even on Glock pistols equipped with red dot sights without removing the sight. optics.

DIY Series™ Sight Pusher Installation Kit for Glock®

Designed for the DIYer who owns or maintains multiple Glock pistols, the DIY Series Glock Sight Pusher Installation Kit allows users to easily complete a wide range of sight installations on all Glock slides, including front sights. optical/suppressor height. An Allen key, included in the kit, is turned to move the pusher back and forth along the slide, and the sight installation and removal process requires up to 50% less force with the XS tool than with other sight pushers available due to low pusher bit placement. When installing suppressor height and optical sights on Glock MOS and aftermarket optical cut-off slides, the factory and optical plate cover must be installed prior to mounting the tool on the slide. (It is not necessary to cover the plate with the GUNSMITH series).

DIY series kit includes scope pusher with stainless steel bolt, locking wedge, Allen key, go/no-go gauges for troubleshooting, steel Glock front sight tool, oil and threadlocker.

This peephole pusher weighs 1.4 lbs. and is rated for 50-100 view installations.

Retail Price: $150.00

GUNSMITH-Series™ Sight Pusher Installation Kit for Glock®

Designed for professional use and DIYers who demand the best performance from their tools, the GUNSMITH series offers the fastest Glock scope installation. Instead of an Allen key to move the rear slide, this tool comes with a T-handle for increased leverage and an easier turn to slide the rear sight. The handle doubles as a front sight tool and both it and the bolt on the tool are fitted with magnets. The magnet in the bolt head secures the multi-function T-handle while installing rear sights. When installing the front sights, the magnetic hex bit securely holds the Glock front sight bolt in place for a no-drop installation process.

This series fits all OEM and aftermarket Glock slides and is Glock MOS compatible for easy sight installation with a pistol mounted red dot sight.

GUNSMITH Series Kit includes the Professional Grade Rear Sight Pusher with Steel Black Oxide Bolt, Multi-Function T-Handle/Magnetic Steel Glock Front Sight Tool, Go/No-Go Gauges for Troubleshooting and Scale of integrated centering.

This peephole pusher weighs 1.8 lbs. and is rated for over 200 sight installations.

Retail price: $200.00

The XS Sights Inline Rear Sight Pusher Tools are designed for use with the XS R3D and F8 night sights, however they will work with many other brands of aftermarket sights. Maximum tool life is estimated based on the installation of XS R3D Night Sights on OEM Glock slides. Aftermarket slides do not reflect the exact Glock dovetail. Users should expect to apply 50-75% more force on aftermarket sliders, which places more load on the tool, reducing tool life. No sight pusher is necessary for installations of XS’s flagship DXT2 Big Dot night sights.

“Knowledge from our more than 25 years of sight manufacturing and gunsmithing experience went into the development of these inline rear sight pusher tools, and we are excited to provide Glock owners with such versatile scope pushers that are easy to use and work with all Glock pistols. said Addison Monroe, marketing manager for XS Sights. “Portability is an important factor, so we used an aluminum body that is 40% lighter than other Glock-only sight pushers on the market. Compatibility with suppressor height sights and red dot optics was another key consideration, given the growing popularity of both. The design provides ample clearance for taller sights and allows for windage adjustments on the rear sight of MOS pistols while keeping the red dot sight attached to the slide.”

Made in the USA from hard coat anodized 6061 T6 aluminum, versatile, durable and reliable, XS Scope Pusher Tools make changing scopes on Glocks easy. All the more reason to upgrade your factory scopes with XS night scopes that are highly visible in any light.

For more information and installation instructions, please see the following videos:

DIY series introduction video: https://youtu.be/JcQ-Sd_Dsls

DIY series installation video: https://youtu.be/4emsikvJm_A

GUNSMITH series introduction video: https://youtu.be/GgQJplnHexc

GUNSMITH Series Installation Video: https://youtu.be/KW0FIoPxifk

DIY and ARMETRO Troubleshooting Video: https://youtu.be/ikaYkDVo_sY

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