Wyoming receives $6 million for Elk Habitat, Research, Public Access

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) and its partners have awarded $6,046,939 in 2022 as a grant to conserve and enhance wildlife habitat, improve public access, and support scientific research in Wyoming. RMEF directly awarded $310,656 which leveraged an additional $5,736,283 in partner dollars.

“This funding is extremely critical and is being used for 20 different projects across the state, including wildfire restoration, aspen enhancement, invasive weed control, stream bank erosion stabilization, thinning of conifers, the improvement of water sources and three research projects”, said Blake Henning, Director of Conservation of the RMEF. “Other projects include conserving more than 2,200 acres of elk habitat, providing funds to improve access to elk hunting on private land, and more than a dozen projects that support hunting, recreational shooting and related activities. with outdoor activities.

“Our dedicated volunteers have a long and successful history of generating funds at chapter banquets and other events in Wyoming,” said Kyle Weaver, RMEF president and CEO. “We express our sincere gratitude for them and their continued efforts that help further our mission.”

Below are some examples of projects funded in 2021. Click here for the full list.

Albany County

Plant up to 100 seedlings per acre in 900 acres of habitat in Medicine Bow National Forest, where the 2018 Badger Creek and 2020 Mullen wildfires burned nearly 200,000 acres. The project is part of RMEF’s ongoing $1 million commitment to wildfire restoration work (it also benefits carbon county).

Park County

Provide funding to identify the most crucial sections of the fence to be removed or modified as part of the investigation to help elk migration patterns.


Provide funding for the state’s Access Yes program to ensure and improve public access for hunting and fishing on privately owned land.

For more information, visit www.rmef.org.