Wyoming hunters were asked to complete harvest surveys; Game and Fish offers the opportunity to win prizes

CASPER, Wyoming — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department on Monday asked hunters who receive a catch survey to respond to help the department gather information and feedback on the 2022 hunting season.

“A harvest survey is the best way to collect large amounts of data from the public. We use the responses to estimate harvest, hunter success, and hunter effort,” said Jason Carlisle, quantitative biologist at Game and Fish. “Hunter’s feedback is important information and is a valuable tool for monitoring populations, setting future quotas, season dates and other regulations. We appreciate every response.”

Many hunters can expect to receive a harvest survey by email or regular mail. Hunters who receive a survey are asked to complete it even if they did not hunt or harvest this season.

If hunters receive a survey before their season ends, Game and Fish asks them to wait to complete it until they are done hunting.

“Due to the high volume of antelope, deer, and elk license holders, a random sample of those licensed hunters are surveyed; not all license holders of those species will receive a request to complete a catch survey,” Game and Fish noted. “However, almost all license holders for elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, black bears, cougars, gray wolves, wild turkeys, furriers, sandhill cranes, small game, deep-sea game, migratory game birds, and light geese are included in the conservation order. the survey process.

There is a new crop survey for grouse hunters this year.

“Traditionally, grouse hunters are surveyed each spring as part of a larger questionnaire to quantify the harvest of all upland game birds, migratory game birds, and small game,” the department said. “This year, Game and Fish will conduct a separate survey of grouse hunters shortly after the hunting season concludes. Hunters who respond that they hunted grouse in 2022 from the upland bird survey will receive an additional follow-up survey.”

Hunters who respond to antelope, deer, or elk surveys will be entered into a drawing to win prizes donated to Game and Fish by the following entities:

  • Hello Mountain Jerky
  • hunting fool
  • JAX Outdoor Gear
  • Kennettrek Boots
  • king’s camo
  • expert optician
  • mountain lure
  • Mule Deer Foundation
  • Muley Fanatic Foundation
  • Bowhunter National Education Foundation
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • Hunting OnX
  • otterbox
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Lead-free Sports
  • Stone Glacier Hunting Backpacks
  • tetra technology
  • West Laramie Fly Shop
  • Unlimited Whitetails
  • Wild Sheep Foundation
  • Wyoming Wildlife Federation
  • Wyoming Fish and Game Department

“The antelope, deer and elk surveys are conducted by Tetra Tech, the survey research firm that won the competitive bid to conduct these high-volume surveys on behalf of Game and Fish,” the department noted. “Hunters with questions about the antelope, deer and elk surveys can contact Tetra Tech’s survey team directly at 1-800-216-0477. For all harvest surveys, hunters can also contact Game and Fish for assistance at (307) 777-4589.”