Will Marvel’s Kraven the Hunter Feature Squirrel Girl?

Kraven the Hunter has been Spider-Man’s villain since it was written in Marvel Comics. His only obsession has been to literally hunt down the web-slinger and, as an ’80s comic book storyline revealed, to become him. This unhealthy obsession has driven the villain to constantly chase the friendly neighbor Spider-Man until he finally got his own movie. kraven the hunter is one of the newest projects announced by the MCU this year. I like it Morbius, it will be a movie entirely dedicated to a character who is best known for being a Spider-Man villain. And hopefully that’s the only way it’s gonna be like Morbius.


Kraven the Hunter has been a long-running villain in the comics, and for most of his life, he’s only been obsessed with hunting down Spider-Man. But, from time to time, the authors have seen fit to provide the ultimate hunter with some character development. In addition to his psychotic victory in the 1980s, Kraven the Hunter has changed the tone of him in major ways, and in 2018 he redeemed himself with the help of the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe: Squirrel Girl.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl turned Kraven the Hunter from villain to hero, and one wonders if Marvel will show a similar character arc in the next Kraven movie.

Sorry Spider-Man, This Should Be a Kraven-Centered Movie

Since this is Kraven’s first appearance in the MCU, Marvel has the job of introducing the character to everyone who hasn’t read the comics. And it’s very possible that all we get is a simple origin story: Kraven grows up, hunts animals, and Spider-Man outsmarts him. But that sounds more like a Spiderman movie of what a kraven the hunter movie. Morbius finally became a hero at the end of his movie. Or, at least, it gave the audience a reason to sympathize with him.

In a movie titled kraven the hunter, you would think that Kraven would be the hero of the film. And how Morbius, Spiderman it could be used as a simple marketing ploy and probably won’t even appear in the movie.

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In telling the origin story of this particular villain, it wouldn’t be a stretch for Marvel to simply recast him as an anti-hero; structure the film along the lines of Richard Connell the most dangerous game. It would be strange if the movie ended with his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, and the final shot, a picture of his growing resentment towards the hero. Disney doesn’t usually end their movies on that kind of note. infinity war It may have been the first time we saw our protagonists lose a battle.

A perfect time for a Squirrel Girl cameo

The thing that finally brought Kraven out of the loop of being a mere Spidey-obsessed villain was Squirrel Girl. Yes, the themes of what it means to hunt can be very interesting, but after a while, Kraven could lose so many times to such a great hero in the Marvel universe that his reasons for pursuing him become useless. Kraven may very well have become one of those hero-hating characters, just because if it hadn’t been for Squirrel Girl.

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Now, Squirrel Girl is one of those heroes that Marvel might not feature at all. Like Howard the Duck, they are often a tertiary character in the comics universe, followed by a cult following, but are rarely invited into the big spotlights that the Avengers and X-Men live in. Sure, there was a pivotal moment when Squirrel Girl was Marvel’s biggest character, but for now, we see Disney focusing on other things.

Howard the Duck has had his share of cameos and comedic stunts. He even has a growing fan base that is asking Marvel to give him his own movie. But for now, he stays out of it. kraven the hunter gets a chance to introduce Squirrel Girl, even if it’s just in a post-credits scene or a small cameo.

In the Squirrel Girl story, she convinces Kraven to let go of his obsession with Spider-Man, even if he still has an obsession with hunting. In Kraven’s movie, she will obviously tell the story of a great hunter and his search for the ultimate prey. But since he works with lions and jaguars, he can leave the realm of the big animals and enter the enhanced world of Marvel superheroes. In that world, what will Kraven find? Will he be seduced by all the animal-themed superheroes? All of these things will determine his role in the MCU. And if his character arc is going to be one where his evil nature is redeemed, who else to do it but Squirrel Girl?

While the movie will no doubt be all about Kraven, this would be the perfect spot, even for a cameo, if only to give him credit for his big role in the Kraven arc in the comics.