WildEar SafEarz™ protects hearing while filtering out unwanted sounds

SafEarz™ is a simple and affordable way to protect your hearing from unwanted sounds. SafEarz ready-to-use earplugs are available with three different filter options, Shooter, Everyday and Toggle. The Shooter filter reduces high-intensity sounds like gunshots while allowing you to have face-to-face conversations and hear the sounds around you. The Everyday filter reduces volume (noise) without sacrificing listening quality (the sounds you want to hear: music, warning signs, speech, etc.). The Everyday filter is ideal for yard work, indoor or outdoor music concerts, and other activities with moderate noise. Our special toggle option activates the Everyday filter when the toggle is in the open position and offers full protection when the toggle is closed. This product is best when you are in and out of noise and would like the option to close the lever for full protection (great for power tools and loud sporting events).

SafEarz incorporates a three-flange earplug design for a tight yet comfortable fit in the ear canal, with four sizes (small, medium, large, and x-large) to ensure you get the right fit for your ears. Unlike disposable products, SafEarz are easy to clean and will provide months of reliable use. Each package includes a set of the selected filter, a lanyard, and a convenient storage case. Suggested retail price is $44.50 to $49.50. More information about SafEarz Pre-Installed Hearing Protection and the full line of WildEar products is available at https://www.wildear.com/, by calling 855-494-WILD(9453), or simply click here.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Walker, Minnesota, CavCom is a leader in innovative industrial hearing protection and communication systems. CavCom’s WildEar® designs provide advanced electronic and passive hearing protection for avid outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, music lovers, cell phone users, and those who want a comfortable, undisturbed sleep. For more information on the full line of state-of-the-art products, visit https://www.wildear.com/ or call 855-494-WILD(9453).