WILD HEARTS Seven Minute Gameplay Trailer

Publisher Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force studio have released a seven-minute gameplay trailer for the hunting action game. WILD HEARTS.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Electronic Arts:


WILD HEARTS is a new kind of hunting game that introduces innovative crafting mechanics in your fight against the Kemono, giant beasts that have merged with their surroundings. Developed by Omega Force, the Japanese Koei Tecmo studio responsible for the Warriors franchises, the game takes you on an epic adventure set in the fantasy of feudal Japan. You can travel through its vibrant world alone or experience it with up to 2 friends in seamless co-op. You are the only hunter who can use ancient technology to create a variety of Karakuri: sophisticated mechanisms that you will use to fight giant beasts and traverse the world. Do you have what it takes to take on the forces of nature?


WILD HEARTS takes place in Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan. The beasts imbued with nature, who usually live in peace, are now rampaging through the countryside, altering their surroundings at the cost of the lives of the citizens. After a terrible fight with the winter wolf Deathstalker, you become the bearer of life-sustaining technology. As your powers increase, you are forced to restore balance to the entire region.

key features

  • Hunt giant beasts infused in the wild – Kemono are beasts that have undergone a unique evolution by merging with their surroundings and wielding the power of nature to reshape their surroundings to suit their needs. You’ll encounter Kemono of all sizes, from plant-infused squirrels to the massive Kingtusk boar, to the wild Deathstalker wolf and many more creatures. These huge creatures use the power of nature itself to defend their new territory.
  • Prepare your battlefield – Ancient Karakuri technology allows you to create and build new, highly flexible and creative hunting grounds to defeat the giant Kemono. Stock up on materials to build many types of karakuri, depending on your needs, skills, and the kemono you’re fighting with. Each new Kemono you defeat reveals new Karakuri and new resources to use.
  • Hunter or Lone Wolf PackWILD HEARTSCooperative and cross-play features allow you and up to two friends to hunt Kemono together. Pack hunting allows you to expand your battle plans with more building abilities and special missions. As a lone wolf, you can seamlessly join and help other hunters in multiplayer through the Torri System, or you can take on the giant beasts on your own.

    Prepare to hunt, hunt to equip – You can become the best hunter by gathering materials from each hunt and the environment, and creating unique sets of armor with different variations. With unique weapons to choose from and tons of variations, there’s a combat style for everyone, each with a different gameplay and attacks. You can craft gear from the defeated Kemono material and further customize it to suit your playstyle.

WILD HEARTS It will release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Origin on February 17, 2023 for $69.99. A Digital Deluxe Edition will also be available for $89.99.

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gameplay trailer