‘Wild Hearts’ release date, trailer, story and gameplay for the hunting adventure

EA is not usually the name you associate with games set in feudal Japan, but the publisher’s new partnership with Koei Tecmo is exploring new territory. wild hearts is a new “hunting” game published by EA and developed by Omega Force, the studio behind the long-running Dynasty Warriors series. The hunting genre has proven to be wildly popular in recent years, mostly due to the overwhelming success of Monster hunter. So while you could call it a “hunting” game, it’s more of an action-adventure game than anything resembling big money hunter. Although it bears the EA Originals moniker, wild hearts It sounds incredibly ambitious, so here’s everything we know.

When is the wild hearts release date?


Surprisingly, wild hearts’ The initial reveal included a release date, and a surprisingly soon one, as the game launches on February 17, 2023. That means there’s only about five months from announcement to release, but according to an interview with IGN, wild hearts has been in development for four years.

Which are the wild hearts platforms?

wild hearts It’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin, Steam, and the Epic Game Store. It seems that the title has been created exclusively as a next-gen title, so it is unlikely wild hearts will ever see a release on PS4 and Xbox One. Because of this, wild hearts It will also launch at the standard price for PS5 and Series X games and will cost $69.99.

There’s a wild hearts trailer?

Yes, wild hearts it was revealed alongside a trailer that mainly showcases the game’s setting, massive creatures, and unique gameplay mechanics. While there is currently only one trailer, EA has announced that it will release an extended gameplay trailer on October 5.

Which is the wild hearts history?

Wild Hearts’ fantasy setting is heavily inspired by feudal Japan.USA

wild hearts is set in a fantasy world called Azuma, which is heavily inspired by feudal Japan and inhabited by huge creatures called Kemono. Here is the official description via an EA press release.

wild hearts takes place in Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan, which is now overrun by the once-peaceful Kemono, altering its surroundings at the cost of the lives of its citizens. Kemono range from plant-infused squirrels to the massive Kingtusk boar. After a terrible fight with the winter wolf Deathstalker, players become bearers of life-sustaining technology and are forced to restore balance to the entire region.”

Beyond the initial introduction, we currently don’t know much about wild hearts’ story, however, it’s not unreasonable to expect the game to not focus on narrative. wild hearts is a hunting game along the lines of Monster Hunter, and the genre generally puts the game first.

It is wild hearts gameplay like Monster Hunter?

Wild Hearts’ most unique feature is the crafting system that uses a piece of technology called Karakuri to build traps and equipment during battle.USA

The core game cycle of wild hearts will revolve around hunting down the dangerous Kemono and upgrading your gear to take on increasingly tougher enemies. wild hearts it is described as a “twist on the hunting genre where ancient technology gives you the chance to fight giant beasts”.

This ancient technology is known as Karakuri, and the reveal trailer gives us a glimpse of how things will work. In the trailer, we see that Karakuri is used to build various traps or pieces of equipment, such as a propeller that can be used to jump and slide on a beast. Other examples in the trailer include a giant hammer, some kind of bomb, and a rope launcher to tie up enemies. Beyond that, players will be able to choose between different weapons, and so far we’ve seen a katana, a bow, a sword-whip hybrid, and some sort of umbrella weapon.

as long as you can play wild hearts solo, it will also support up to three-player co-op with full cross-play features across all platforms. What we don’t know now is how wild hearts’ the hub area will work, although Omega Force has confirmed that the game uses a zone-based system for its world, such as Monster hunter.

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