WILD HEARTS launches on February 17, 2023; The first trailer shows gadgets, weapons and kemono

wild hearts

Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts have released the first trailer and details of WILD HEARTS, the next hunting game from Omega Force. Set in a fantasy region of feudal Japan called Azuma that is plagued by massive nature-inspired beasts called Kemono, it launches February 17, 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC via Origin, Steam, and Epic. Games Store for $69.99.

Kemono range from little squirrels to the Kingtusk boar and the Deathstalker wolf. As wielders of the Karakuri, players must restore balance to Azuma. Along with solo play, there is co-op for up to three players and cross-platform play. Voiceover languages ​​include English, Japanese, Italian, German, and Spanish.

In the trailer, along with weapons like the katana, bow, and umbrella, we also see the Karakuri in action. This creates specific structures like a glider, giant mallet, bomb, and harpoon to even the odds against the Kemono. Apparently he can also upgrade weapons. Azuma’s landscapes also range from coastlines and snowy plains to fields of flowers.

In a press release, Koei Tecmo Games Executive Vice President Yosuke Hayashi said: “WILD HEARTS opens up a vibrant fantasy world to players that is as wild as it is beautiful. With WILD HEARTS, we not only wanted to show the evolution, infusion, and real threat caused by Kemono, but we also wanted to create a game where crafting is at the core of the experience, redefining what can be possible in a beast hunting game. . We’ve put a lot of care into designing our Karakuri to fit into combat, and we’re excited for players to use these powerful mechs to battle giant beasts and traverse the world.”

Stuart Lang, EA Vice President of Global Brand, added: “EA Originals is a label for those who dare to explore. It’s a home for studio partners like Omega Force who forge new ways to play from bold creative visions, and for gamers who love discovering untold stories and never-before-seen worlds. We are excited to follow the wonderful and critically acclaimed two are requiredfrom Hazelight Studios, featuring ingenious mechanics, giant nature-inspired beasts, and epic battles of WILD HEARTSthe first AAA hunting experience for a new generation.”

Stay tuned for more details on WILD HEARTS in the coming months.