Wild Hearts is a new Monster Hunter-like co-op game coming to next-gen consoles

EA and Omega Force are teaming up for Wild Hearts, a Monster Hunter-esque game with colossal beasts and tech coming next year.

EA and Omega Force officially revealed new Monster hunter-how I play wild hearts Wednesday morning with a trailer showcasing towering beasts and impressive technology. The collaboration between EA and the warrior dynasty studio was revealed earlier this week, hinting at a triple-A title set in feudal Japan with few details given at the time. The project will be the first major collaboration between EA and Omega Force with Omega Force working primarily on the Warriors franchise and its many spin-offs. Now, the new Omega Force project looks to take inspiration from Capcom’s hunting franchise.


The reveal trailer for wild hearts shows an impressive world immersed in Japanese architecture and mythology. The first gameplay video introduces players to the world of Azuma, a lush landscape filled with a variety of unusual creatures. wild hearts appears to follow a hunting style of play similar to that of Monster hunter, showcasing some of the massive beasts that players will battle throughout their adventure. Some highlights of the initially revealed “Kemono” include a colossal boar covered in moss and algae, a giant squirrel that makes trees grow, and a wolf on a frozen tundra.

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A main focus of wild heartsreveal a trailer that seems to differentiate the game from Monster hunter comes with the emphasis on technology. Players will be able to use a variety of technology and buildable items to aid them in battles with monsters, including building blocks to help players gain altitude. Some other inventions that players can use to aid them in battle include a helicopter-like propeller to hover over larger enemies, and a hammer catapult. The trailer also shows the ability to upgrade players’ weapons with a variety of effects.

EA closed the trailer confirming the release date of wild hearts for early next year. The trailer revealed that the collaboration between Koei Tecmo and EA will launch on February 17, 2023 and has been confirmed as exclusive to next-gen consoles and PC. The game will also reportedly feature cross-play between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with players from all platforms able to band together to take on the game’s roster of ferocious monsters.

wild hearts comes as the latest game to join EA’s line of “EA Originals”, a publishing initiative between EA and other development studios. EA has already seen massive success with several games published through the EA Originals program, including the 2021 Game of the Year. two are required and Coldwood Interactive Unravel. The unique combination of giant monsters and technology will seek to establish wild hearts plus your inspiration when it launches early next year.

wild hearts It will be released on February 17, 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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