Why Iowa Hunters Should Try Squirrel and Rabbit Hunting

Finding gray or fox squirrel habitat is as simple as locating nut-producing trees.  Oaks and hickories are more abundant in Iowa and are highly prized for both species.

Hunting in Iowa has changed significantly over the years. Four decades ago, wild turkey and venison were rare or non-existent in much of the state. Most hunters started out shooting squirrels and rabbits before moving on to pheasants and/or waterfowl. Only then did they graduate to a bigger game, if they had access to it at all.

Since then, turkey and deer restoration efforts have been more than successful, and the juvenile seasons offer beginning hunters their first shot at both. Many young people, some who are not yet of school age, start out in the field taking advantage of this big game reward.

Both species lend themselves to blind hunting, eliminating the need for stealth or silence. Youth who lack the strength or maturity to take a loaded gun to the field can use a shooting support under the watchful eye of a mentor who can offer advice on safe and proper shot selection.