What happens to the squirrels? | Sports

Squirrel season is starting very soon, and frankly, my son and I couldn’t be more excited. Sadly though, you don’t see many people excited about squirrel hunting anymore. That’s a shame because some of the most enjoyable hunting moments can occur while sitting at the base of a tree scouring the treetops for bushy tails. Unless you take mosquitoes into account! Nonetheless, squirrel hunting still brings back some of my best memories and reminds me of when I was just a kid.

I had more free time back then (though I didn’t think so) and found that squirrel hunting was the kickoff to all the wonderful things to come with the other seasons soon to follow. It was exciting being in the woods. My eyes scanned the ground for signs of deer as my mind wandered and drifted to visions of large deer strolling.

What happens to the squirrels?