Warthog V-Sharp Curve: Same angle, both sides, every time!

The Warthog V-Sharp series includes the Classic II, Curve, and Xtreme Edge. These three sharpeners work with the same body mechanics; simply pass the blade in a cutting motion all the way through and out of the sharpener, keeping the blade flat against the blade guide. The sharpeners are equipped with two 325-grit double-sided diamond blades and finishing steels (hones). Typically, after grinding the V-Sharp XE (Xtreme Edge) and V-Sharp CLASSIC II to a sharp edge, the wheels are turned over with the steel facing up and the angle is increased by one notch ( 5th) to finish. the blade to the edge of a razor. However, the use of the V-Sharp curve completely eliminates the repositioning of the diamond rods. The same mechanics of passing and withdrawing the blade are used. This movement is all that is needed to achieve a constant angle from heel to toe.

V-Sharp Curve is ultra-compact and the easiest to use of the V-Sharp series. Currently, this model is offered in red, blue, and black (plastic construction). A special curved V-Sharp case is available that fits the sharpener perfectly in the ultra-padded, durable protective case. Interior pockets house additional diamond rods and finishing steels.

The unique curve of the diamond blades maintains a 25° angle throughout the blade. Spring loaded diamond rods maintain equal pressure on each side as they pull back on the blade. No adjustments, you just need to hold the blade flat against the blade guide and let the sharpener do the rest. This style is commonly known as a removable pencil sharpener; however, they are not all the same!

Traditional drag pencil sharpener

The truth about removable knife sharpeners is that they damage your knives. The two most common types are handheld and electric. The inexpensively made manual variety is usually equipped with two carbide blades that do not move with the knife. Instead, the carbide blades remain stationary and the knife slides, scraping the steel off the blade.

This type of sharpener is abusive and should only be used on disposable cutlery or garden tools. Removable electric sharpeners remove too much metal and shorten the life of your knife by years. There is a tendency to overheat and ruin the temper on a delicate edge using an electric sharpener. A removable electric sharpener and coarse sharpening wheel found on the back of some can openers can permanently damage the blade. Due to the mechanics of use, it is impossible to apply the same amount of pressure to the entire blade. As a result, the edge tends to warp, changing the original profile of the sheet.

the way of the boar

By choosing to use the V-Sharp curve, your edge will last much longer and there will be no deterioration of the blade, so you can count on this knife for many years to come. Warthog have created something truly exceptional, a range of patented diamond sharpeners that give their knives an unrivaled sharpness. Everyone deserves a sharp knife!

Sharp V curve

  • Unique design that maintains a 25° angle
  • 325 grit diamond rods
  • ultra compact
  • Easy to use
  • no adjustments
  • MSRP: $59.99

For over 20 years Warthog Blade Sharpeners has been manufacturing and exporting high quality diamond knife sharpeners. Warthog was established in 1999 with the goal of creating an innovative and world-first knife sharpener that would deliver better results than any competitor on the market. Treat your blades with the respect and care they deserve. We have done extensive research on various types of blade sharpeners and the results may surprise you. Microscopic pictures of the edges show just how much damage traditional sharpeners can do.

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