Warm weather, off-road innovation headline Korkers 2023 collection

Portland, OR – (March 2023) – Korkers, the award-winning outdoor footwear brand, is proud to introduce several innovative new footwear products designed for warm-weather amphibious adventures. The new Swift™ sandal, All Axis™ vented shoe, Wet Wade conversion kit and Derek DeYoung collaboration I-Drain Wading Sock™ highlight Korkers’ Spring 2023 assortment.

“As a brand known for creating durable, high-performance wading boots that provide exceptional traction on wet rocks and rough terrain, we’ve continually heard customers ask for lighter, more breathable options for hot summer days,” says director Executive Brian Chaney. “We are very excited to introduce our new collection of versatile sandals and shoes featuring our exclusive OmniTrax® interchangeable sole system, as well as complementary accessories in Spring 2023. Unlike any other footwear on the market, the new sandals and Korker’s shoes provide versatility that allows you to customize your traction for summer adventures like hiking, paddling, fishing, boating, camping, and traveling. The agility and confidence these shoes provide on slippery wet rock when using a sticky Vibram® rubber sole, felt sole or one of our carbide studded soles is unmatched. Having the flexibility and versatility to quickly switch from a high friction water performance sole to a trail based sole for hiking, street use or travel is a complete game changer,” continued Chaney.

In addition to these amazing new shoes and sandals, Korkers is also introducing complementary accessories like the new I-Drain Water sock. The sock is a collaboration between Korkers and renowned fish artist Derek DeYoung, whose colorful Brown Trout Flank pattern is featured prominently on the sock’s outer protective rim. Lastly, the new Korkers Wet Wading Conversion Kit features an ultra-cushioned EVA insert designed to improve fit and convert any wading boot instantly into a properly fitting wet wading boot or flat warm water boot. The new Korkers Spring 2023 product line will be available through premium outdoor retailers beginning in late March 2023.

About Korkers Since 1959, Korkers® has created functional and versatile footwear for outdoor adventurers. Unique in the industry, OmniTrax owned by KorkersyouMETER The interchangeable sole system provides a variety of performance traction options, from rock-gripping felt soles to ice-biting Triple Threat carbide-studded soles and sticky Vibram® XS Trek rubber, allowing users to optimize Traction performance on any terrain and in any condition. Brian Chaney leads the Portland, Oregon-based company’s team of avid fishing and outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to developing product solutions that combine design advancements with innovative technology.