Walk The Talk America (WTTA) Adds Two New Board Members to Strengthen

The nonprofit organization welcomes Tonnie Schmidt and Ron Staffieri to its Board of Directors, bringing extensive experience and insight to the organization’s mission.

Walk The Talk America (WTTA), a non-profit organization designed to bridge the gap between the firearms industry and owners and the mental health industry, is proud to announce the addition of two new members to its Board. Directive. Tonnie Schmidt and Ron Staffieri bring extensive experience and knowledge to the WTTA Board of Directors and will help guide the organization as it continues to make a positive impact in the firearms community.

“I am excited about the new perspective that Tonnie and Ron will bring to our organization,” said Michael Sodini, WTTA Founder and CEO. “Both have ties to the firearms community and care deeply about mental health and suicide prevention. Our values ​​and goals for the WTTA mission align perfectly and I am excited to see what they bring to the table.”

Schmidt is a co-founder and co-owner of Delta Defense LLC, the service provider for the US Concealed Carry Association. As a member of the company’s board of directors, Schmidt is involved in setting the company’s vision and strategy for ensure the future success of the company. Schmidt works extensively with national and local philanthropic organizations on initiatives related to responsible gun ownership, firearms and mental health, trauma recovery, law enforcement, and Second Amendment advocacy. He is passionate about education that develops children’s self-sufficiency, resilience, and self-awareness. She considers it her solemn obligation to educate others about the importance of responsible firearms ownership.

Schmidt also serves as a member of the West Bend Community Foundation. She is an advisor to the Washington County, Wisconsin Volunteer Center, where she previously served as a board member. Schmidt has served two terms as a publicly elected school board member for West Bend Joint School District No. 1 in West Bend, Wisconsin.

He has three adult children, all of whom continue his passion for responsible gun ownership through education and training.

“The USCCA is driven by the mission to save lives, including those that would be lost to suicide. WTTA is leading the way in the normalization of mental health wellness. Our community supports this solution by collaborating with WTTA on our mental health and wellness video series and by offering gun culture training for therapists,” Schmidt said.

Staffieri is a senior executive with more than forty years of professional experience. Staffieri’s professional experience includes Things Remembered (CEO); KB Toys (CEO); Lil Things, a start-up children’s business (CEO); and Borders Group (President of Waldenbooks, Outlet Stores, Managing Director of Borders Group). He has also served on various boards including CSSI, Harold’s Stores, Craft & Hobby Association, Natural Wonders, First Agricultural Bank/Bank of Boston, Norman Rockwell Museum, Adelphi University, and the University of Texas Parent Advisory Board.

Staffieri is married with five children. He received his BBA and MBA from Adelphi University. He was president of the SAE fraternity, a three-year regular member of the baseball team, a four-year member and captain of the squash team. Staffieri was elected to the Adelphi Hall of Fame in 1997. He received multiple academic and athletic awards. He also attended Harvard’s Executive Management program.

“I joined the WTTA board because I believe in their mission. I am passionate about the topic of mental illness and I look forward to helping raise awareness about this very important issue,” Staffieri said. “My experience managing companies and serving on the board of directors should give WTTA the additional support it needs to fulfill its mission.”

WTTA, the brainchild of Sodini, a firearms industry veteran, spearheaded a movement within the firearms industry to bridge the gap between mental health and responsible firearms ownership to reduce suicide by firearms and armed violence. Through educational programs, podcasts, and training programs, WTTA is paving the way to educate mental health professionals about gun culture and break negative stigmas around mental health for gun owners. Through its various programs and offerings, such as how-to brochures and slides for firearms instructors, cultural competency classes, and introductory courses at the intersection of guns and mental health, the WTTA is leading the conversation and opening doors in the firearms industry and the mental health industry. .

With the addition of these new board members, WTTA is well positioned to continue its important work and expand its reach even further.

For more information on how to get involved, visit WalkTheTalkAmerica.org. Take the WTTA Mental Health Screening. After the assessment, you will be provided with information, resources, and tools to help you understand and improve your mental health.

About Walk the Talk America:

Our mission is to fund research and development for mental health outreach and promotion to reduce the misconceptions and biases that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. We believe that we can be a catalyst for change by working with experts in the mental health industry. www.walkthetalkamerica.org