Vital investment in wild turkey research Coming Soon

EDGEFIELD, SC — The NWTF is accepting applications for its Wild Turkey Research Request for Proposals, a program that facilitates and makes investments in support of priority wild turkey research projects across the country.

In June 2022, the NWTF allocated $360,000 for seven critical wild turkey research projects through the RFP program. Now the organization is accepting new project proposals to continue addressing the population decline and to further investigate how to best manage the resource in the future.

“We are at a junction where many new questions are being raised about the ecology of the wild turkey,” said Mark Hatfield, director of conservation services for the NWTF. “Disease, population dynamics, habitat use, nest success, hunter influence – there are many areas that need further understanding for optimal conservation and management; This is where the investigation comes in.”

The NWTF invites proposals that investigate the dynamics and drivers of the “post-restoration era,” as well as those that address one or more of the following research priorities:

  • Development of regional and national estimates of population and abundance.
  • Evaluation and development of habitat management practices and habitat conditions that would increase wild turkey nest success and chick survival.
  • Investigation of underlying diseases of wild turkeys and their impacts on wild turkey populations.
  • Understand the effects of harvest management strategies and season structure on wild turkey populations.
  • Survival of wild turkeys (adults and poults) and correlated causes of mortality.

All projects must have a minimum leverage ratio of 3 to 1 and can have a duration of up to three years. Applicants are strongly encouraged to obtain the endorsement of representative state NWTF chapters and representative state wildlife agencies as they investigate one or more of the above topics.

Applicants must submit proposals no later than May 1, 2023 for consideration. Project funding awards will be announced during the NWTF National Leadership Conference, June 2023.

Download application form.

Proposals will be scored and ranked by the NWTF Technical Committee and NWTF conservation staff based on project applicability, scientific rigor, partner participation, and guaranteed matching funds.

The NWTF Technical Committee, a group of state agency representatives from each state, has been instrumental in guiding historical research priorities, facilitating current research, and, more recently, determining what research is needed to aid management decisions. current and future policies to ensure that wild turkeys thrive in perpetuity.

The announcement of the second NWTF RFP in 2023 follows a remarkable year (2022) for wild turkey research, including the conclusion of the 12th National Wild Turkey Symposium, the announcement of the 13th.he National Wild Turkey Symposium, $360,000 investment from NWTF and significant contributions to the wild turkey research efforts of NWTF state chapters across the country.

Project summaries for the 2022 research investment can be found below, and project summaries for new 2023 projects will be published on in the near future.

For more information on NWTF’s 2023 Wild Turkey RFP program, eligibility and submission information, please contact Hatfield at

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