Video: Man frees bighorn sheep from Lake Mead mud

Todd and Kelly Goshorn came across this bighorn sheep stuck in the mud on the shore of Lake Mead while boating. Fortunately, Todd was able to wrap a rope around the ram’s horns and pull it out of the clutches of the muddy trap.

As water levels in Lake Mead drop, more of the shoreline becomes covered with a dirtier version of quicksand. If Indiana Jones couldn’t get out on his own, it’s no wonder Bighorn needed a hand.

People have also been trapped in the mud. As the lake falls, it reveals a saturated clay shoreline. The sun dries the top layer, creating the illusion that it is safe to walk or drive. But as soon as you sink below the first inch or two, the true integrity of the ground (or lack thereof) is revealed.

The reservoir is currently below 30% full, and the water level is 170 feet below the high water mark set in ’83. Receding water levels are revealing sunken ships and even bodies. While the Colorado River keeps golf courses pristine in the desert and fountains flowing in Las Vegas, Mead is fast becoming a graveyard.

The impacts of the last 15 years of drought are affecting everything from recreational access to the wildlife and ecosystems surrounding the area. This ram is lucky that Todd and Kelly were able to free him from that particularly dirty dilemma.