Video: How to make a pocket trap

Pocket sets are a versatile trap setup that you can use to target species like raccoons, mink, and muskrats. First, choose a spot with animal tracks near a mowed bank and shallow water that won’t freeze.

Start by digging the pocket in the bench about 14 inches deep. The back of the pocket should be above the water, but far enough back that any animals going to see the bait really need to spend some time getting in there and investigating. As bait, you can use anything from frozen white fish to dog food, the stinkier the better.

Once the pocket is baited, place the trap on a level surface in shallow water. Press down firmly when setting the trap; you want it to be safe but still able to jump. Use one or two fingers to move the mud and debris out from under the pad to make sure it can move freely. Then modify your chain length as needed so your drowning weights land in the deepest part of the pool.

Finish the pocket set with a drizzle of seafood oil, or something similar. The strong aroma is sure to bring curious creatures to your game.