US LawShield® Launches First FFL DealerShield™ for Select Retailers

Access complimentary concierge services to help federal firearms licensees stay legal during the audit

US LawShield®, America’s leading Legal Defense organization for Self-Defense®, today announced the launch of FFL DealerShield™, a unique service providing legal assistance to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) during Bureau of Alcohol , Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) audits and inspections. FFL DealerShield is an established referral relationship for retailers who need help with federal, state or local firearms business legal matters.

“US LawShield’s FFL DealerShield team is the largest private repository of firearms legal knowledge in the United States,” said Brooksy Smith, executive director of US LawShield. “We want to make sure our retailers are protected every step of the way in a government audit. “Our team is made up of seasoned firearms industry professionals and independent national law firms across the country with several hundred years of combined experience in federal firearms law. In addition, we have a national network of independent program attorneys who are experienced in federal and state law, with a full network of qualified and experienced paralegals, including former ATF inspection officers.”

FFL DealerShield can legally protect FFL businesses and facilitate ATF audits and inspections in the following ways:

  • 24/7 LIVE access to legal guidance for emergencies (burglaries, robberies and fires)
  • Direct access to the FFL DealerShield team for all gun law questions
  • Live ATF audit support from the team of lawyers and former ATF agents
  • Post-audit advice on inspection results and legal options
  • Firearms Business Legal Compliance Education and Training
  • Updates on firearms laws and ATF regulations
  • Confidential Review of Record Keeping Practices
  • Up to 50% member discount for other legal needs arising from ATF or other agency actions

“There has never been a service like this before,” Smith said. “Our network of experienced professionals is available to make the audit process as seamless as possible for our retailers. Our mission at US LawShield is to educate, prepare, and protect our members. We want to do the same with our retailers.”

Membership is for select US LawShield retailers. To inquire about becoming a US LawShield retailer, contact Kristi Elrod at

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