Two men rescue an eagle at Lake Canadarago

An immature bald eagle comes in for a landing at the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Oregon.

I like getting letters, but very few people seem to write them anymore.

However, I do get emails and I like them too, because they often make writing columns easier.

I’ve gotten several good ones recently, including one from Kathy Faber, longtime area coach and athletic director, who wrote to tell me about a great save by Bill Boyle and Ryan Fagan earlier this summer.

Boyle was sitting on his deck on Lake Canadarago sipping his morning coffee and watching an eagle hunt his breakfast. There was a boat on the lake fishing with planing boards, and the eagle decided that one of the lures he was dragging might be edible and fell from the sky into the water to catch it.

It is not a good idea.

The bird became entangled and was in danger of drowning. Boyle enlisted the help of Fagan, who caught the bird, which somehow broke free of the lure and climbed out of the net. However, the eagle was exhausted and could not get out of the water. Fagan caught him again, and he and Boyle made their way upwind to Deowongo Island, where they released him again. The eagle stayed in place for a while on the shore, then jumped onto a bench on the island, sat there for about 20 minutes, then flew into a tree and soon disappeared.