TrueTimber® Partners with Turkeys For Tomorrow as Camo Sponsor

TrueTimber has announced a partnership with Turkeys For Tomorrow (TFT) as the organization’s official camo sponsor. In addition, co-branded hunting and lifestyle items and apparel will be available to TFT in support of their efforts. The association will support the group’s mission to help recover and secure the future of wild turkeys in the United States.

“Wild turkeys and their habitat truly define the outdoors for many of us,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “They are on the decline in so many places and if anyone is going to do anything about it, it’s going to be us hunters, the outdoorsmen and women who love them. Turkeys For Tomorrow focuses on things that will help turkeys come back, and I’m glad we can help make that happen.”

Turkeys For Tomorrow, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, encourages the strategic capture of turkey nest predators and supports scientific field research, putting boots on the ground along two main pathways to benefit the wild turkeys. Reducing nest predator populations, especially just before weeks when young turkeys are most vulnerable, has been shown to be effective in allowing flocks to recover, grow and thrive. Providing hard numbers and reliable data to wildlife agencies through rigid scientific research gives policymakers and habitat managers the critical information they need to make important decisions for the future of birds. TFT’s work to support and promote capture and its careful funding of key academic field research does both.

“This is a great day for wild turkey populations everywhere,” said Ron Jolly, Co-Chairman of the TFT Board of Directors. “I am honored to have Rusty and TrueTimber join us in this fight. Together, we’re making sure our grandchildren get to experience the same things we do. The good old days of turkey hunting can be again today.”

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About TrueTimber

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