True Knives take on the game with the Swift Edge Hunt Processing Kit

Game processing kits are as varied as they are extensive. For many hunters, packing both light and minimal is essential to success. This is especially true when game needs to be broken up in the field, to be taken back to the hunting camp.

An essential set of tools is a processing kit. These kits have everything you need to gut, butcher, and saw a freshly harvested deer, elk, antelope, or similar game animal. But these kits have many separate tools that take up vital space. True Knives aims to solve that problem with the Swift Edge Game Processing Kit.

A complete Swift Edge Hunt processing kit consists of seven essential tools that use the quick-change Swift Edge system. There is a 4-inch casing hook, a 6-inch steak blade, an 8-inch butcher blade, and an 8-inch bone saw. All of these separate blades fit into the Swift Edge thermoplastic rubber handle designed for use in wet environments that require a firm grip. The hook, filleting and butcher knives are made of 5Cr13 steel with a titanium nitrate finish. The bone saw is made from 65Mn steel for strength and wear resistance, while still having a titanium nitrate finish.

As with all Swift Edge knives, the blades can be changed using the patented 2-step process. This includes toggling the switch on the rear of the handle and pressing the blade release. To install, insert the new blade until the release snaps into place. The handle is also compatible with all lengths of the Steak Kit. The handle has an integrated lanyard and carabiner.

A molded plastic sheath is included with the 6-inch fillet blade. In addition to a molded plastic clip, a sharpening rod is incorporated into the design. Each item can be stored in an included nylon storage wrap. This reduces both the size of the items and the locations in which each tool can be stored.

It’s easy to see why a versatile and compact kit is essential for a hunter. The entire hunting processing kit saves space by utilizing the Swift Edge system. The nylon storage roll provides an easy to transport solution. This kit can be easily stored in a backpack, ammo box, car, light aircraft, or utility vehicle.

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  • 6-inch fillet knife
  • 8 inch butcher blade
  • 4 inch gut hook
  • 8 inch saw blade
  • 5Cr13 steel (steak, butcher and gut)
  • Steel 65Mn (Saw)
  • Titanium nitrate coating


  • thermoplastic rubber
  • Compatible with lanyard and carabiner.
  • Patented 2-stage blade change system


  • Molded sheath with sharpening rod (fits 6-inch and 7.5-inch blades)
  • Nylon storage wrap.

Price and SKU

  • SKU: TRU-FXK-1001
  • MSRP: $69.99

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