Rose Metal Products is a company that focuses on its customers and their needs, striving to produce the best graphics media on the market and refusing to offer a product that has not been rigorously tested and proven. Investing time and resources in product research and development ensures that Rose Metal Products’ Trophy Graph Systems mounts are the best electronic mounts available today.

All Trophy Graph Systems mounts undergo a comprehensive testing process that ensures each mount will withstand all the conditions anglers encounter on the water. Rose Metal Products expects its customers to be more than satisfied with the products they receive and ensures that Trophy Graph Systems stands do the job they are supposed to do, and more.

Every Trophy Graph Systems mount is put through a tough and demanding vibration test, providing thousands of vibrations per second to the mounts and guaranteeing against the development of stress cracks. Chris Castillo of Rose Metal Products explains that it’s the difference between material strength and performance when subjected to extreme vibratory forces. This vibration test is designed to overcome even the worst wind and wave conditions on a boat by providing constant vibratory stress to the chart mount when supporting significant weight, such as today’s heaviest fishfinders. Rose Metal Products vibration testing ensures that Trophy Graph Systems mounts, and the materials from which they are made, will deliver excellence and reliability in all conditions on the water.

Rose Metal Products also conducts a weight test which places a substantial amount of weight on its mounts over several days to ensure that the relative strength of the graph mount is maintained and that stress cracks do not occur. These tests are used multiple times with a single product to ensure a smooth ownership experience with Trophy Graph Systems mounts.

Rose Metal Products truly values ​​each of its customers and focuses on their needs. As such, Rose Metal Products goes above and beyond to ensure that Trophy Graph Systems mounts perform as expected through many years of demanding service. And should the unexpected happen, Rose Metal Products stands behind its products and will do everything possible to assist each and every Trophy Graph Systems frame owner.

About pink metal products:

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