Fishing University with Charlie Ingram will feature Trophy Graph Systems, a Rose Metal Products (RMP) brand, on the January 30 episode airing on both the Outdoor Channel and the World Fishing Network. In this segment, Trophy Graph Systems Johnny Christy and Art Pleinis fish with Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier on Lake Wappapello near Poplar Bluff, Missouri. During the fishing trip, Christy demonstrates how utilizing his chart mounts can substantially increase anglers’ fishing time by effectively positioning multiple chart systems on the bow of the boat. The ability to run Live Scope, a mapping program (chart plotter) and 360 Imaging, alongside traditional sonar, gives elite anglers a competitive advantage.

Trophy Graph Systems started when Christy’s friend needed to mount two graphs to the front of his bass boat. RMP developed a mount and, according to Christy, “it took us three tries to get it right, and part of getting it right meant he got close. For some, it might have been close enough, but for us, it just wasn’t there.” They continued with the project until they developed the perfect fit. From there, word spread quickly and the Trophy Graph Systems brand was born. Trophy Graph Systems continued to refine the product to build a system applicable to all bass anglers.

That first year of production, Johnny Christy and Art Pleinis attended the Bass Master Classic at Lake Ray Roberts in Ft Worth, Texas with a pair of saddles, a table, and an RMP sign. People didn’t know who they were and they thought RMP stood for Russell Marine Products. Wally Marshall (Mr. Crappie) stopped at his “booth”. According to Christy, Marshall reviewed the mounting systems on display, looked at Christy and Pleinis, and commented, “Guys, what you have here looks great, but it’s got to look good. You have to get banners and flags. You have to look like professionals,” laughs Christy.

The beauty of Trophy Graph Systems is the ability to customize your boat’s graph solution to any configuration you may need. A modular system and different base supports allow almost any design imaginable. The systems are offered at very competitive prices and are strong and durable, safely keeping your valuable electronic displays exactly where you need them. This is one of the reasons why Trophy Graph Systems always says you can trust “Put your money where your MOUNTING is!!”

Take a look at his fun “Mini Tournament” with the guys from the University of Fishing as you learn what solutions Trophy Graph Systems offers for your graph mounting needs.

About pink metal products:

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