In the fiercely competitive world of professional angling, mastery of high-tech electronics has become essential for success. These systems have always been vital to a seasoned angler’s tool set. Still, the advent of forward-facing sonar has elevated its importance in the realm of versatile bass fishing. Lateral imaging and advanced mapping techniques also play a crucial role in propelling anglers to the top of the leaderboard. The challenge lies in safely mounting the number of large displays on the sophisticated equipment used by these top-tier competitors.

Professional angler Trey McKinney uses Trophy Graph Systems’ excellent line of rigs on his tournament boat. Says McKinney, “I currently use the Universal Dash Mount along with the Panoramic Gimbal Plate on the console with two 12-inch Lowrance Pros, and at the bow, I have the Low Dual Mount also with two 12-inch Lowrance Pros. I’m using the charts at the beginning by mapping on my bottom chart, and on the top, I’m using Active Target.”

When asked, McKinney explains how he was introduced to Trophy Graph systems. “A couple of friends of mine, Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier, from the University of Fisheries, introduced me to Trophy Graph Systems. I saw that they are super sharp and very resistant frames. They also offered an easy mount to mount to my boat.”

The use of electronic devices to help find fish and the structure they are using is incredibly important, but another important key is also how the fish react to the bait presented to them. McKinney explained, “At Toledo Bend, I used a Strike King Pro Model 5XD crankbait while fishing in the 10 to 15 foot depth range. I had to make sure I could get the bait over them and then lower it down to their level. They really liked everything erratic, like burning through them, stopping it, twisting it, and then burning it again. Introducing this pattern was possible with my Lowrance Active Target.”

What McKinney likes about his Trophy Graph frames is that “…the short frame isn’t super short. It’s not on deck by any means. Having the screens closer to me allows me to pick up the little nuances of what’s going on in the water that I might miss if the chart screen was on deck. Many think that the higher saddle will be a problem for bouncing in big waves. I have not had any problems at all. It is an incredibly strong mount. Currently, I drive a 210 Charger, which is a rough water boat. I’ve been to Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, and we had to run some nasty stuff to get back on the ramp, and it’s so sturdy I don’t have to reach over and hold my graphics on console while I’m racing through the waves. They don’t bounce. I don’t have to worry at all.

McKinney noted, “You don’t want the mount to be too high because you don’t want to reach the graph while sidearming or casting a bait. The low mount height is perfect for me where I can throw or jump without worrying about hitting my graphics. It’s easy to get on, off or on the boat.”

“At Trophy Graph Systems, we are proud to have Trey McKinney as part of our professional team!” says Chris Castillo, store manager for Trophy Graph Systems, “Trey is a valued member of our team and we are thrilled to celebrate his success. Congratulations Trey!”

When looking for new, ultra-secure ways to mount any combination of graphs you’d like to run on your boat, check out Trophy Graph Systems’ amazing array of mounts for both the console and bow of your boat! Proudly made in the USA. Trophy Graph Systems always says, “Put your money where your mount is!”

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