Trail’s End® #307®40th Anniversary of the fragrance that started it all

Wildlife Research Center®, the leader in odor attractants and odor removal celebrates 40he anniversary.

4 decades ago, Wildlife Research Center® It started with a simple idea, to make a deer scent better than anything else on the market. It took many years of extensive field testing on wild deer in the wild. Hundreds of ingredients and formulations were tested to get the perfect result. Then, in 1983, the winning combination, Trail’s End® #307® it became the scent that started it all.

Trail’s End® #307® it is a complex mixture of doe urine with oestrus secretions and other ingredients, some of which are not well known, but are very effective in attracting whitetail bucks. This powerful scent attractant attracts several attractions at once.

It really brings in money during all parts of the season, especially during the grind; and loves him too.

2023 is the 40thhe anniversary since Wildlife Research Centers® began to distribute Trail’s End® #307® and even now it remains one of their most popular scent products and is considered a reliable old man for many seasoned deer hunters. It is also one of the best scent choices for young and new hunters to help generate more action at the deer stand. It’s the smell your trophy buck has been waiting for!

Be sure to get a bottle of Trail’s End® #307® this season and Fire Up Your Hunt™

MSRP for End of Trai® #307® is $10.32 for the 1 FL OZ size and $22.66 for the 4 FL OZ size.

Wildlife Research Center® is known for its innovative Scent and Scent Elimination products. This is 40 Wildlifehe Anniversary; it is their extreme passion and superior quality that has propelled them to be the leader in the category. “Helping hunters fill tags for 40 years!”

The products are 100% guaranteed with money back, directly by Wildlife Research Center®.

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