TRACT Optics Announces New Innovative ELR Scope

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. – TRACT Optics is pleased to announce the release of its latest addition to the award-winning line of TORIC riflescopes. TRACT continues to provide top-tier quality at below-market prices by cutting out the middleman through its direct-to-consumer business model.

The newly released TORIC is an extreme long-range shooter’s dream, with a 34mm tube and 4-24x50mm magnification in the first focal plane. The scope is adjustable up to 160 MOA or 47 MRAD, the best in the industry. This huge elevation adjustment allows ELR and PRS shooters, as well as long-range rimfire and BB shooters, to make fine adjustments at longer ranges instead of estimating hold. Most other 34mm scopes don’t give the shooter as much reach or capability without switching to larger, heavier tube diameters. The scope also features the ability to adjust parallax from 15 yards to infinity.

“With the continued growth of long-range and extreme long-range shooting, the problem of running out of elevation is an ongoing challenge,” said TRACT co-founder Jon LaCorte. “Our goal with this new scope is to help them overcome that challenge.”

Additionally, TRACT combines razor-sharp SCHOTT HT glass with extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses and a glass-etched illuminated reticle. The reticle is available with either the MOA ELR or MRAD ELR Christmas tree-style reticle with a floating center dot that does not obscure the target like typical reticles. This combination provides photographers with superior light transmission, superior detail resolution and an unrivaled shooting experience, as well as a perfect field of view in all lighting and weather conditions.

The scope is purged with argon gas and is completely fogproof and waterproof. The turrets feature lockable windage and elevation adjustment, as well as a zero stop for on-the-fly manipulation. A fast focus eyepiece and 4 inches of constant eye relief also come standard.

“The new FFP TORIC 4-25X50 34mm rifle scope provides a great amount of elevation adjustment to allow shooters to dial up distances that have never been possible before,” LaCorte said. “We look forward to feedback from shooters in the ELR, PRS, rimfire and airgun disciplines.”

Currently, this new offering comes in TORIC’s classic graphite gray and weighs in at 39 ounces. The TRACT TORIC 4-25X50 34mm FFP rifle scope will retail direct for $1,494 and includes a 3-inch lens hood.

TRACT™ Optics, founded in 2015, is an advanced brand and product line 100% designed specifically for the needs of today’s hunters and shooters. TRACT designs and manufactures precision performance grade optics for direct-to-consumer hunting, target shooting, and recreational shooting purposes. Born from decades of experience in the optical industry, TRACT offers quality and value with personalized product customer support. Learn more about TRACT Optics binoculars, scopes and rifle fronts for all hunting and shooting disciplines by visiting our website: Connect with #TRACTOptics at instagram, Facebook Youtubeand we invite you to participate with us in our LIVE chat platform.