Top 10 Horizon Zero Dawn Outfits For Aloy

With Guerrilla releasing another patch (news via Reddit) for Forbidden Horizon West on August 31st which fixed a number of crash and progression issues and introduced the “Mark of Pride” Pride flag face paint to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, it’s safe to say that fans of the game series are happy as they can be. Waiting for any news of a DLC update, like the one added to horizon zero dawnPlayers have continued to find ways to get the most out of their matches in both games.

The best way to do this is to buy or craft powerful tools that will help Aloy along the way, paying particular attention to upgrading the outfits she’s wearing, as each one gives her different benefits that can be useful in various specific situations. From Nora’s armor to outfits made for the frigid Banuk Territory, which ones are the best of all? horizon zero dawn?


10 Nora Heavy Silent Hunter

Giving Aloy 30 Stealth to top off her already amazing abilities, the heavyweight Nora Silent Hunter is ideal for hunting trials, taking out Watchers before their suspicions are aroused, and raiding bandit camps.

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As the best stealth armor in the game, earning the 2800 Metal Shards and a Bellows Heart is worth every penny. The outfit can be purchased from Teb before Aloy becomes a Seeker if the player has all the materials, but it can also be found at almost every merchant in the game from then on.

9 Oseram Heavy Arrowbreaker

Protecting Aloy from everything from arrows to guns, the Oseram Arrowbreaker Heavy is hands down the best projectile defense armor in the game. For 1,100 metal shards and a crystal weave, the player receives an additional 30 defense projectiles, in case stealth isn’t your thing.

This outfit works well against menacing enemies like Thunderjaws Ravagers and Stalkers keeping Aloy safe in all of her activities, especially when she comes across some of the best weapons in the game. horizon zero dawn that enemies can exert in greater difficulties. Once Aloy has been to Daytower, the armor can be purchased from many vendors, the first of which is on the Road of Broken Stones.

8 Oseram Sparkworker Heavy

The most dangerous machines in horizon zero dawn they often do a lot of damage to Aloy if she is not equipped with the proper armor. Fortunately, Oseram Sparkworker is there to ease this burden better than any other.

Granting a whopping 50 hit defense, the outfit dramatically increases Aloy’s resistance to hits. For 2,800 metal shards and 2 luminous braids, the player can become stronger against powerful enemies such as Shellwakers and Stormbirds. The Oseram Sparkworker can also be easily obtained along the Path of Broken Stones.

7 Shadow Stalwart Heavy

The Shadow and Stalwart Heavy defends against powerful attacks that affect Aloy’s vision, such as sonic and blinding attacks, while also making it possible for the player to slip through Shadow Carja’s territory unseen.

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For 3,680 Metal Shards and a Stalker Heart, Aloy can ward off enemies that normally harm her with their earth-shaking sounds at the start of battle, such as Longlegs and Watchers. This Infiltration Specialist armor can be obtained once the player has beaten the main quest, Terror of the Sun.

6 Heavy Survivor Nora

As the jack of all trades, the Nora Survivor Heavy outfit is perfect for protecting Aloy evenly from the best weapon types, increasing her Shock, Fire, Corruption, and Freeze defenses by 15 each. For 2900 Metal Shards, 2 Watcher Hearts, and 40 Blaze, the player can have a significant advantage.

The armor really shines when the player must initiate combat against multiple machines at once, specifically in the later missions of the game, but it is valuable in every possible situation Aloy could find herself in. The Nora Survivor Heavy armor must be purchased before Aloy’s fight. with Helis and is another one that can be obtained from Teb before The Proving.

5 Tsar Heavy Crest

When Aloy needs fire resistance, the Carja Blazon Heavy gear is the way to go. As the best fire defense armor, it protects players from one of the deadliest damage types in the game, especially since flames deal bonus damage after impact.

The Carzon Blazon Heavy armor resists well when Aloy is attacked by Fire Bellowbacks when using her fire defense 50 and makes her almost immune to flames when combined with a fire resistance potion. Costing 2,780 metal shards and a charging heart, the armor can be easily obtained after the Daybreak tower if the player can afford it.

4 Heavy Banuk Ice Hunter

The best freeze defense kit, the Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy stacks Aloy’s freeze defense by 50 and protects her against enemies like Freeze Bellowbacks, Snapmaws, Glinthawks, and the like. However, most of these enemies are rare until the player gets past the Daybreak tower.

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Although there are not a large number of frozen-type enemies throughout the game, it is always recommended to be tired of these dangers by buying the outfit in Embrace. To own the Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy Armor, you need 2,800 Metal Shards, a Strider Heart, and 20 Metal Vessels.

3 Carja Heavy Silks

A big factor that makes Forbidden Horizon West better than horizon zero dawn is that it has a stronger and more customizable armor. The good news is that despite having no built-in perks or resistance, the Carja Silks Heavy outfit grants the player maximum customization.

For 3770 metal shards and a long leg heart, Aloy can choose how she wants the Carja Silks Heavy outfit to help her in whatever situation she’s been thrown into with her bonus mod slot, armor master variants grant the player with the highest base stamina possible. Although quite expensive, it’s definitely worth getting the best multi-mod outfit from Sunfall or Meridian vendors.

two Chieftain Banuk Werak

One of the most difficult horizon zero dawnBanuk Hunting Grounds The Banuk Territory is not for the faint of heart. The Banuk Werak Chieftain Outfit cannot be obtained without the frozen wilds DLC, which makes it much more valuable.

It’s no wonder the armor is one of the best in the game when you consider its passive health regen abilities, which puts it on another level when compared to other outfits and used during the game’s biggest battles. . Once the For the Werak quest is complete, Aloy can obtain the armor from the merchants in Bluegleam. 2,200 metal shards, a squirrel skin, a goat skin, and a badger skin are required to obtain it.

1 shield weaver

By far the most powerful armor in the game is the Sheild-Weaver, which surrounds Aloy with a defensive force field that absorbs damage and converts it into health, substantially reducing overall health subtraction.

If the player is brave horizon zero dawnNew Game+ New Game+ mode, which has enemies that can kill Aloy with one shot, this outfit is a must have. The Shield-Weaver can be obtained immediately before the final battle, which is apparently unbeatable without the outfit. Collecting all Power Cells is required for equipment and can be discovered in major quest areas like Grave-Hoard and GAIA Prime, which must be hit to gain access to armor in the Ancient Armory.

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