TM24100 12.8V 100ah lithium ion battery

While trolling is one of the most entertaining and rewarding forms of fishing, it requires more effort, gear, and a trolling motor battery that can last from sunrise to sunset. Traditional lead-acid batteries are heavy, cumbersome and take hours to recharge, costing anglers valuable space, weight and time that could be better used with their lines on the water. Lithium Pros®’s latest addition to its Trolling Motor (TM) Series of lithium-ion batteries solves all the problems associated with traditional lead-acid batteries; at a price that makes sense for any dedicated angler.

The Lithium Pros series of trolling motor batteries are designed specifically for trolling motors and other deep cycle marine applications. The TM24100 Lithium Ion Trolling Battery was made explicitly to upgrade standard BCI Group 24 lead-acid batteries and is designed to power 12V trolling motors, 12V marine electronics, motors electrical, motive power and other forms of energy storage. It is perfect for trolling motors up to 36V. As with all Lithium Pros lithium-ion batteries, the TM24100 is powered by high-quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry and is built with the finest lithium-ion cells tested to the UL1642 standard.

A single TM24100 trolling motor battery packs more stored energy than a typical Group 31 AGM battery, yet fits in a typical Group 24 case. At just 26 pounds, it weighs even less than a lead-acid battery. standard acid.

The TM24100 offers 100 amp hours (1280 whr) and 230 minutes of power reserve, so you can fish from dawn to dusk. Then it recharges up to five times faster than a traditional lead-acid battery, so you’ll be ready to do it all again at first light. The TM24100 provides a 2000+ cycle life, so you can fish every day, all day, without worrying about your battery.

Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not contain toxic materials or emit harmful gases, making them a positive and environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, the TM24100 trolling motor battery features one of the most advanced internal battery management systems in the industry. The system detects over-temperature, voltage and current, as well as short circuits, and then automatically balances the cells to protect the battery if necessary.

Conveniently, the new TM24100 Lithium Ion Trolling Battery can be charged with any 12V AGM compatible battery charger without a desulfation mode. It has a durable IP65 waterproof casing, ready to go wherever you need it!

For dedicated anglers who will benefit from a trolling motor battery that is safe to use, reliable, recharges quickly, offers superior charging efficiency, and has enough battery life to last all day, the Lithium battery Pros TM24100 12.8V is the best option.

TM24100 12.8V 100ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery Features:

  • Ideal for trolling motors up to 36V.
  • High Power Lithium Ion Phosphate
  • lightweight design
  • Advanced internal battery management system
  • Does not contain toxic materials.
  • Does not emit harmful gases
  • It can be charged with a typical AGM battery charger (without desulfation mode and with a float voltage of less than 13.6 V and an output voltage of less than 14.6 V).

TM24100 12.8V 100ah Lithium Ion Trolling Battery Specifications:

  • 12.8V
  • 100 amp hours (1280 Wh)
  • 230 minute reserve
  • Group Size 24 BCI (10.23 in. L x 6.61 in. W x 8.24 in. D)
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 26 pounds
  • 2000+ cycles

About Lithium Professionals

Lithium Pros was founded in 2011 and is focused on building lithium-ion batteries for the specific purpose of replacing lead-acid batteries for use in demanding applications. They strive to uphold the ideals spelled out in their mission statement: “Through constant innovation, create high-power lithium-ion battery packs that are safe, easy to install, and start an engine like nothing else.”

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