Tigress has your back on the pier

You already trust Tigress to put more fish in the box, but now they’ve got you covered while docked as well. Its portable cleats and shore power cord holder are welcome accessories at home, on the sandbar, or visiting a new port.

Tigress’ inshore solutions are built with the same high-quality construction and attention to detail as their world-class outriggers and tournament-winning fishing gear, so you know they’ll stand up to life at sea.

Few things ruin gelcoat like dock rash and a can of line scuffing. Protect your boat using one of Tigress’s portable cleats, available in 15-inch and 36-inch heights to accommodate artillery. The innovative design uses hollow rod holders to position fenders exactly where they are needed to prevent the hull from contacting the dock or other vessels when rafting on the sandbank. Easily tie up to a friend’s boat for lunch or add extra lines when a storm approaches. The 36-inch size is ideal for transom cross tie-downs, preventing lines from rubbing against your boat and adding an extra layer of security. Regardless of the length you choose, the full-size 9-inch cleat set at a 10-degree angle is ideal for almost any role, even as a hose holder to prevent tangling.

Keeping your shoreline power cord damage-free doesn’t just mean you won’t have to replace it; it is a security issue. Make sure that the outer sheath of the cable does not allow moisture to enter when protecting it from chafing. Tigress’s Shore Power Cable Mount mounts to a rod holder and keeps power lines safely overboard and clear of obstacles that could cause damage, whether in their home port or at a temporary berth in a long cruise. A 15 degree bent end accommodates angles found in most rod holders, keeping the rod vertical and the string moving freely. An open top makes it easy to insert long cables, with an overlap to keep them in place even when conditions get rough. And when cleaning, you can use the Shore Power Cord Holder to wrap around a hose.

The portable cleats and ground power cable mount fit standard 1-5/8” rod mounts, making them perfect for any boat. Like all Tigress products, they are designed to withstand a harsh saltwater environment, so they will look and perform great for a lifetime.

portable cues

  • Easy-to-store portable cleats available in 15-inch and 36-inch heights
  • Full-size 9-inch cleat set at a 10-degree angle is perfect for attaching a fender to the sandbar, using as an extra cleat, or using as a hose holder while washing your boat
  • 36” size is ideal for stern sleepers
  • Fits standard 1-5/8″ rod holders
  • Made of anodized aluminum.
  • MSRP: $118.99-$145.99

Support for ground power cable

  • Perfect for holding down your power cord or shoreline hose while cleaning your boat
  • Easy to store, portable and great for travel
  • 15 degree bent stock accommodates most gunwales
  • Fits standard 1-5/8″ rod holders
  • Made of anodized aluminum.
  • MSRP: $118.99

Since our inception, our mission has been to raise the bar for innovation, quality, ease of use and convenience in the products we offer to the saltwater sport fishing enthusiast.

All aluminum stabilizers are made from cold drawn aluminum for maximum strength and durability. We then use a state-of-the-art anodizing process to protect them and enhance the color. Each accessory is built with the highest quality materials to provide maximum service and life. Tigress uses only 300 series stainless steel or 316 stainless steel in every rod holder and stabilizer mount.

We continue to expand our offering of fine goods and accessories, making the Tigress product line of stabilizers and equipment the standard of quality and excellence.

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