Tifosi Optics Prescription Sunglasses Review

This is my first pair of prescription sunglasses, and I couldn’t have chosen a better company to work with than Tifosi. The quality of these lenses, coupled with some of the best frames I’ve ever owned, work exceptionally well as a complete package for me, and they look great too. While driving, I can see the speedometer and numbers on our Escort radar detector as we hit the road on our rides, and that was really why we reached for these glasses.

Tifosi sunglasses are an excellent option for anyone who needs prescription sunglasses. They offer high-quality lenses and stylish frames that make for a complete package. Tifosi sunglasses are an excellent choice, offering a full range of prescription options.

Overall, Tifosi sunglasses offer a great combination of style and functionality. I’ve been wearing reading glasses since the day I turned 40, and when I had to move my laptop to the ends of my reach, it was time for a change. At the age of 52, I finally had a comprehensive eye exam where I was convinced and shown that I needed more than just a pair of readers, so I got a full prescription this year and on the recommendation of multiple people. , I chose Tifosi specifically for my sunglasses prescription.

The whole process was easy. I logged in, chose my frames, my color, my prescription type, lens type, lens tint, coating, and then uploaded the prescription to their system and added it to cart. The glasses arrived quickly and I have been using them outdoors and on all my daytime trips for the last six months. I do not regret choosing these as my full time sunglasses.

I bought these with polarized lenses so I could use them for fly fishing and driving. I really like the brown frames on these glasses, they go with almost everything I wear, and most importantly, they help me see better in almost all conditions.

Looking for a quality set of prescription sunglasses? Take a serious look at the Tifosi Optics brand. Over the past 20 years, this brand has grown among the worlds of golf, cycling, and athletics with outstanding frames that can handle anything you throw at them. Advanced optics with an exceptional warranty that look good, what more could you ask for?

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