Throom Richochet Free Target Review

I was recently introduced to Newbold’s Throom, Ricochet Free Targets and was pleasantly surprised. I have several steel targets within my reach and was interested in the differences. The best thing about these targets is of course that there is no danger of them ricocheting or ricocheting, the bullets go straight to the rear butt and you can watch the target move. At first, it might not seem like a big deal for someone who is used to shooting steel, but it opens up a lot of options that you might not realize. Close in Richochet free kick practice is essential to becoming a better shooter.

These targets are lightweight, which makes them much easier to transport. Carrying around heavy steel targets is a hassle and can be a lot of extra work. Added bonus: they stay clean! The steel targets are coated with lead that wipes off anything in the trunk or bed of the truck that it touches. I’ve only gone to a few indoor steel drops due to the high cost of frangible ammo, but with Throom there’s no need to buy that higher priced ammo. A box of frangible is about the cost of a Throom target, so these pay for themselves the first time they hit the field and you can add more and more as you continue to shoot.

I set up the Throom targets alongside some of my steel targets, but I put the Throom targets closer than usual due to their inherent safety. The steel (for center fire) is for 25+ yards to the back, but the bright green Throom was as close as 5 yards, which is great for training since most defensive uses of firearms they are less than 7 yards. I really enjoyed transitioning targets from close to far, which cannot be done safely with normal steel.

I confess, I have shot my steel targets closer than the recommended distance and the AR500 steel took a little damage with .223 and quite a bit with .308. With the Throom targets at my fingertips, I’ll be able to set targets closer than I could with steel, which will be great for newer shooters as well as more experienced shooters working with pistols and rifles on a timer. Newer shooters can set themselves up for success by shooting at closer Throom targets increasing their hits on target, while more experienced shooters can enjoy the fast-paced transition from targets that are closer than 25 yards and don’t require the target. more intentional, targeted for longer. range shots.

It should be noted that if you are too close to the target with a fast and/or small bullet, it could go right through it without knocking it down, which could make it difficult for people with older eyes (like mine) to see if it was a hit or miss. So I did the same thing I do with my steel… I painted the Throom. The bright green material is the perfect color for a high visibility indicator where it hits. The dark spray paint flakes off as the bullet passes, revealing the bright green material below, making it easy to see where it hits. I will continue to purchase these extremely versatile lenses and recommend them to my friends.