This unsung hero from Alabama Power looks for the smiles of others

Tired of working in the textile industry, recreational development assistant TC Miller jumped at the chance to work for Alabama Power.

Thanks to TC’s father, Tommy Miller, who works with the company in supply chain management, TC learned of an opening in 2007. With his people skills and experience, he was apparently offered the job. made to measure.

Miller grew up in Gaylesville, a rural town in Cherokee County.

“My childhood was full of farming and raising cattle,” Miller said. “I started hunting with my grandfather when I was 8 years old, mainly small game, quail, rabbits, squirrels and pigeons.”

TC Miller is an unsung hero of the Alabama Power of Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

At age 12, Miller switched to big game hunting: deer and turkey. He started reading everything he could get his hands on about wildlife and habitat. Miller tried to learn as much as he could from the books of James C. Kroll, one of the first biologists to focus on white-tailed deer.

Miller’s love of the outdoors was passed down from his grandparents. A grandfather was killed in a hunting accident, so the safety of hunters has always been a top concern for Miller.

One of Miller’s main responsibilities is managing Canoe Creek in Springville, one of the company’s recreational facilities. Provides a safe and comfortable environment for company-related business events, including meetings, team building and networking opportunities with co-workers, internal business partners and external customers.

“TC makes sure events are fun and productive, while always putting safety first,” said Chief Forester Wes Pruet. “TC is perceptive and a good listener. Respond quickly to customer needs.”

Miller enjoys developing and maintaining customer relationships. For the past 15 years, she has enjoyed taking people of all ages hunting. Successful events are the ones that people talk about afterward, she said.

One of her favorite memories is of a client in Montgomery who called at 4 am to tell her that her daughter had just been born. Another fond memory is of a customer from Tuscaloosa who called him to say that he had just killed his first turkey using the skills he learned from Miller.

“TC is one of the crowd favorite events,” Pruet said. “It is important that you can establish a good relationship with a wide range of stakeholders. He’s not only responsible for making sure people have fun; he is, more importantly, responsible for making sure they are security conscious.”