This Illinois Water Park Actually Had an Alligator Swimming in It

You may want to look twice before jumping in the water after seeing a video proving that a water park in Illinois actually had an alligator swimming in it.

No, this was not a case of wild nature. The Scovill Zoo (which is a petting zoo in Illinois) allowed its resident alligator named “G” (for alligator?) to go on a field trip to Splash Cove Water Park in Decatur, Illinois. You can really see the smile on his (big) alligator face.

Would you like to be the person responsible for convincing “G” the alligator that it’s time to go? I am not volunteering for that task. Trying to persuade my children to leave the parks is hard enough in itself. When it comes to a huge alligator like this big boy? Nope.

By the way, some comments on Scovill Zoo’s Facebook page seemed concerned about “G” swimming in water that has chlorine in it. The Splash Cover people said there was no chlorine present when “G” was brought to the park. In other words, no alligators (or humans) were harmed in the making of this hilarious field trip video.

If this doesn’t make Scovill Zoo worth following on Facebook, nothing is. If you take alligators on excursions to water parks, I’m definitely interested to see what you do next.

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