The sure way to see moose in the South Hills

Seeing wild animals is almost always exciting. Many around here enjoy hunting some, but for others, it’s fun to see an animal you don’t normally see or expect to see. While deer are common, seeing one is always a joy, and many stop to look when they see one. Living in Idaho, there are many wildlife to see including deer, cougars, bears, wolves, and moose. You hope you never come across some of these animals in the wild, but hopefully, if you do, you’ll be at a safe distance. If you are someone who likes to camp, hike, or go looking for animals in the South Hills, south of Twin Falls, beware as a certain animal seems to be highly populated and is not afraid of people.

The moose population has increased in the southern foothills

A few weeks ago I mentioned a good place to go to see moose in the South Hills. It is a fantastic area to go to see them in their natural habitat and watch these large and majestic creatures as they drink, eat and play. I recently made another trip to see them, and this time there were many more. The problem with so many is that they are already known to be aggressive, territorial, and protective animals, so seeing more can have some problems. Staying in your car, climbing hills, and keeping your distance, while enjoying them, is the way to go, but sometimes things don’t go as planned, and sometimes people decide they want a closer look.

Safe Moose Watching

If you plan to make the trip to the South Hills, be sure to keep a safe distance from moose and all other wildlife, don’t make loud noises to scare them, and respect their territory and personal space. You are in their house, they are not in yours. While taking pictures of three moose near Magic Mountain, I thought I was a safe distance away, but one moose decided to cross the ditch and come within 10-15 yards of me. Then he started running, which I thought was rushing me, and I went back to my car, when he was actually crossing the street. It served as a reminder of how quickly these huge creatures can charge. A fourth moose came down from the mountain and did so so quietly that it wasn’t even noticed until it was close. Clearly, they didn’t mind the people watching them, and they didn’t hesitate to walk towards anyone.

Don’t be a Touron

While watching two moose play in the water down the hill, one person decided to go down into the water to get a better picture. This is a terrible decision and should never be attempted. Fortunately, this man was able to take the picture of him, walk back, and did so safely. If any of those moose had decided to pounce on him, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. The downside is that seeing him do this successfully made others think it was safe to do so. With so many moose out there, multiple babies sighted, and the ease with which moose can hide in plain sight, it’s not smart to get out of the way and approach them.

Take the road to the South Hills and enjoy these incredible creatures, as well as other wildlife in the area, but be sure to remain cautious and aware of your surroundings at all times. Moose can sneak up on you quickly and quietly, and will protect their home if they see you as a threat. With so many being sighted this time of year, be sure to take every precaution possible by staying in the car, close to the vehicle, and not trying to get too close. If he walks towards you, like he did to me, don’t startle him or make any loud noises. Be smart, be safe, and enjoy the luxury of having moose nearby to enjoy.

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